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August 20, 2013

The three teens accused of murdering baseball player Chris Lane "for the fun of it" identified ("Sons of Obama"?) (Updated)

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australian bb player murdered by sons of obama.jpg

The three "teens" murdered Australian baseball player Chris Lane in cold blood for no reason other than "for the fun of it" because they were "bored" and "wanted to see someone die.""

And yes, they could all three be Obama's sons, but you likely won't be hearing a peep out of him, Sharpton, Jackson, or the mainstream media about them.

3 teen murderers.jpg

From The Herald Sun:

The Oklahoma teens who face first-degree murder charges have been named as Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones.

But their parents yesterday protested their innocence.

Jennifer Luna, whose son is suspected of firing the fatal shot, claimed her son was at home saying: "My son is not that way. My son is a good kid."

Planet earth to Jenifer Luna ... "good kids" who've been taught better and brought up being taught faith, values, and responsibility don't randomly murder a stranger "for the fun of it because they're bored."
Earlier today, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has urged Australian tourists to boycott the US in the wake of the shooting murder of the Melbourne baseball star.

Mr Fischer said he was deeply angered by the latest tragedy and said turning our backs on America would help send a stern message about the need for tighter gun control.

Christopher Lane, 22, was randomly gunned down while jogging through the town of Duncan in Oklahoma on Friday afternoon local time.

More here.

Dear Mr. Fisher, gun control is not the problem ... the problem has more to do with a certain culture ... as in parental involvement and upbringing, values, responsibility, respect for life, and societal issues that have nothing to do with gun control.

Related Very Sad Video:

Update: Thoughts on the Shooting Death of Aussie Baseball Player in Oklahoma.

Posted by Hyscience at August 20, 2013 11:25 AM

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