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August 3, 2013

Shocking Video: White 6th Grader Visciously Attacked By 3 Older Black Youths in Florida

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Three 15-year-olds viciously attacked a 13-year-old kid while other children cheered, and the bus driver was too afraid to do anything. The video is beyond disgusting (hat tip - SuperMexican).

Via WFLA-TV News Channel 8:

Via The Tampa Tribune: Three teens charged in beating of 13-year-old on Gulfport bus:
Three teenagers were arrested Wednesday after they ganged up and beat a 13-year-old student on a Pinellas County school bus after it left Lealman Intermediate School, Gulfport police said.

The driver of the bus called for assistance when the 15-year-old students repeatedly punched and kicked the other boy, according to police.
The suspects had fled via the emergency exit before officers got to the bus at 20th Avenue South and 51st Street. All three were later identified and apprehended.

The victim said he encountered at least one of the suspects in a school restroom where he alleged that the suspect tried to sell drugs to him, police said.

The victim reported this to school officials, and at the end of the day, both victim and suspect rode home on the same bus, according to police. As the bus was stopping near the intersection, the three suspects started punching and kicking the victim for nearly a full minute. As he tried to crawl under the seat, the suspects kicked and stomped on him.

In all, the suspects threw dozens of punches and at least 23 kicks or stomps. police said. The victim was injured including a fractured arm.

Arrested were Lloyd Khemradj, 15, and Julian McKnight, 15, both charged with aggravated battery; and Joshua Reddin, 15, who faces charges of aggravated battery and unarmed robbery, for allegedly taking the victim's money after the assault.

As The Crawdad Hole points out, this doesn't appear to have been a hate crime. The three black thugs beat up the 13 year-old for "snitching" on one of them for trying to sell him drugs. They would have probably done the same regardless of what color his skin was. That doesn't make the crime any less savage:
Nonetheless this story does demonstrate the double standard in what we call racial hate crimes. If three white 15 year olds ganged up on a black 13 year old the media would presume the attack was racially motivated unless and until there was clear and convincing evidence proving otherwise. In all likelihood they would maintain the racial hate crime narrative even then. ...

But brutal and unprovoked attacks by blacks on white are never presumed to be racial hate crimes. That is a double standard.

Yep, this story does indeed demonstrate the double standard in what we call racial hate crimes. Let there be no doubt that race-hustlers Sharpton, Jackson, "He could have been my son" Obama, and their ilk ... woulda been all over this like stink on sh*t had it been three white youths attacking a black kid.

Posted by Proud Cracker at August 3, 2013 11:20 AM

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