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August 23, 2013

Second suspect identified in fatal beating of Delbert Belton

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Meet 'tough guy' Kenan Adams-Kinard, killer of frail, defenseless, kind, 84 year-old men:


Adams-Kinard is the second 'tough guy' suspect, currently on the run after the fatal beating of Delbert Belton. Kenan Adams-Kinard has a criminal history, but the extent of it isn't known yet.

The other suspect, 16-year-old Demetrius Glenn, who turned himself into police on Friday.

451503-20130823-192848-640x360.png Glenn was charged with murder and robbery, and is reported to have a long criminal history including "riot" with a deadly weapon. He's a fan of rapper Chief Keef, similar to the three alleged killers of Australian student Christopher Lane, who often posted Keef's lyrics on social media. One of Glenn's favorite YouTube videos is a report on Keef's possible involvement in the murder of another rapper, Lil JoJo. (More here).

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(Hat tip - Epoch Times)

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