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August 15, 2013

Retired Marine Corps Colonel: "We're Building A Domestic Army Because The Gov't Is Afraid Of It's Own Citizens"

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Recently, a Marine Corp Colonel (name not given) spoke out about the militarization of the police at a local councilman meeting in Concord, NH, 08/12/13 (hat tip - Nice Deb).

He talked about his experience as a Military Defense Coordinator in Iraq where his job was to man, train and equip the Iraqi army. He said "we did everything we could to make it as strong as possible, but I'll tell you right now -- Homeland Security would kick their butts in a week. What's happening here, is we're building a domestic military because it's unlawful and unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil. So what we're doing is, we're building a military."

He talked about how common it is now for regular police officers to be seen wearing military gear, using military equipment.

"What we're doing here -- nd let's not kid about it -- we're building a domestic army, and we're shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own citizens."

He concluded, "we're building an army over here, and I can't believe people aren't seeing it. Is everybody blind?"

One has to admit that what the retired colonel is saying jives with the fact that the U.S. government is buying up so much ammunition, armored vehicles, and weapons for domestic use!

Even the far-left is worried by the feds' growing power.

Posted by Hyscience at August 15, 2013 6:10 AM

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