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August 19, 2013

Re: 'Egypt's Christians Are Facing a Jihad'

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The litany of the Islamists' attacks against Egypt's Christians is long ... and growing:

[...] Violent aggression by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists, including those sympathetic to al-Qaeda, continues to be directed at one of the world's oldest Christian communities, following the military's break up last week of Brotherhood sit-ins. The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party has been inciting the anti-Christian pogroms on its web and Facebook pages. One such page, posted on August 14, lists a bill of particulars against the Christian Coptic minority, blaming it, and only it, for the military's crackdown against the Brotherhood, alleging that the Church has declared a "war against Islam and Muslims." It concludes with the threat, "For every action there is a reaction." This builds on statements in the article "The Military Republic of [Coptic Pope] Tawadros," carried on the MB website in July, about the Coptic Church wanting to "humiliate" Muslims and eradicate Islam.
There's much more here.

As the piece goes on to point out, Groups of the Left, of women, of students, of intellectuals, of businesspersons, of secularists, not to mention the military, all participated in the Tamarrud movement that supported the military's ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Morsi. But it is Egypt's Christian community, who number 10 percent of the population, that is bearing the brunt of the Islamist anger.

Meanwhile, as Egypt's continue to face a concerted jihad against them, here in the U.S. our clueless president continues to fail to understand that the threat that the Muslim Brotherhood (that he supported and helped 'nudge' into power) poses to both the non-Islamist majority in Egypt, especially the Christians, as well as to the entire region.

Jonathan S. Tobin discusses this more fully at Commentary:

[...] Having bought into the myth that the Brotherhood's rise in the aftermath of the fall of the Mubarak regime was an expression of democratic sentiment, it refused to see that if it was allowed to take power it would quickly move to destroy any opposition. The U.S. pressured the military to let Mohamed Morsi take office and then continued to urge them to stand aside as he proceeded to demonstrate that the Brotherhood had little interest in democracy. Even as 14 million people took to the streets to demand that Morsi step down, the president continued to preach restraint and then stood by in puzzlement when the military realized that this was probably their last chance to save their country. Even now, the administration seems stuck in the same mythical "Arab Spring" mindset that is predicated on the idea that a totalitarian movement like the Brotherhood is compatible with liberal democracy. Since they don't understand what led to the events of the last week, how can we expect the Obama team to put forward a coherent position on what happened and what may unfold in the days to come?

This is a familiar pattern. ...

Read the whole thing here.

As bad as things are now for Egypt's Christians, expect things to become much worse, and as long as the Obama administration remains clueless and continues its blind support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the people of Egypt, and likely the entire region, are likely to continue to see the U.S. as "not on their side".

Posted by Hyscience at August 19, 2013 4:38 PM

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