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August 2, 2013

Re: 'A Requiem for Diversity of Thought'


The moment I read Patrick O'Hannigan's piece at The American Spectator this morning my first thought was of our post yesterday titled "Big Brother Alert: 'Obama's New 'Nudge Squad' To Use Psychology And "Behavioral Insights" To Secretly Push You to Do His Bidding'" and how O'Hannigan's piece served as such a perfect companion piece ... especially in the context of his byline, "The deathliness of permissible politics under the Obama regime."

O'Hannigan writes this morning:

The past four years have proven that Barack Obama does not understand what "diversity" means, and while that might be an occupational hazard for anyone as emotionally invested in community organizing as this president continues to be, it's also the kind of willful ignorance that explains why no course correction can be expected from his operatives, either.

Can you remember the last time you read about "green energy" creating jobs without an embarrassing undercurrent of federal subsidies to sustain them? When the Institute for Energy Research did the math, dividing federal expenditures in this area since 2009 by the number of permanent jobs created, it came up with the shocking cost of $11.45 million per green job. Any president willing to embrace prudent diversity in energy policy might wonder about that number, or look favorably on the Keystone XL Pipeline and the shale boom, but Barack Obama has done none of those things.

In fact, President Obama's reflexive disdain for thinking that runs counter to his own is well-documented, and the flip side of the president's oft-exercised scorn is his conviction that decent people ought to feel the way he does about any given policy. Ironically, the chief executive who has pledged more grandstanding allegiance to "diversity" than any other in U.S. history is also the man who has done the most to drain that noun of any cachet it once had.

Genuine regard for diversity would not dismiss legitimate criticism by lumping it with allegedly "phony" scandals. It would not chastise Catholic school administrators in Ireland (!) for being "divisive," or invoke divine blessing on abortion-promoting organizations like Planned Parenthood. Is it any wonder why half-baked lectures on the U.S. Constitution delivered to indifferent students a lifetime ago are not enough to quell the suspicion that Barack Obama is more familiar with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals than with James Madison's Federalist Papers?

Because it leaves no room for realism, this administration's approach to all things Islamic is another example of diversity denied. ...

It's well worth your time to read the rest of "Requiem for Diversity of Thought".

As Patrick O'Hannigan goes on to so appropriately note, indeed, diversity is dead because President Obama deliberately flattened it with a progressive ideology more featureless and imposing than the extraterrestrial monolith in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. "Conformity" is the new hotness. You can either welcome it, or suffer the tender mercies and "nudge policies" of the federal government's young but enthusiastic "Behavioral Insights Team"."

As to the "Behavioral Insights Team" O'Hannigan refers to, Obama has actually already hired a "Nudge Czar" ... Maya Shankar, who is linked to the way far left Center for American Progress and George Soros. This is O'bama's answer to dealing with diversity of thought ... instead of changing his policies to what America wants and needs, he's investing your tax dollars into creating ways to "nudge" you into accepting his extreme policy ideas.

Posted by Hyscience at August 2, 2013 6:20 AM

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