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August 13, 2013

Political Correctness runs amok: City Recruits Minority Lifeguards Even if They Can't Swim


No, I didn't make this up. This would only be possible from the delusional thinking on the left. It makes me wonder if Jesse and Al haven't made a recent trip to Arizona and dropped the race card?


Remember this is happening now only in Phoenix, AZ. Arizona being a relatively fiscally conservative state; just wait until the more liberal states want their "fair share" of an ever shrinking pie.

lifeguard-1.png(Photo: UPI Pool)

It didn't seem likely I would find the perfect example of liberal theory and programs gone wild until this one.

NOPE, let's not have a white life guard rescue blacks, Mexicans and other races be rescued by those trained to do so; let's make it a race issue.

As Tom Fritton of Judicial watch reported back in April:

In a staggering case of affirmative action gone wild, officials in a major U.S. city are actually recruiting minorities to be lifeguards at public pools even if they'e not good swimmers. It's all in the name of diversity.

You can't make this stuff up. It's a real-life story out of Phoenix, the capitol of Arizona and the nation's sixth-largest city. It has more than 1.4 million residents and, among its official motto's is value and respect of diversity. This means more than gender and race, according to the city's official website. It also encompasses uniqueness and individuality and embracing differences. "We put this belief into action to provide effective services to our diverse community.

Evidently officials are willing to compromise those "effective services" at 29 public swimming pools spread throughout the city. To diversify the lifeguard force, Phoenix will spend thousands of dollars to recruit minorities even if they're not strong swimmers, according to an official quoted in a news report. Blacks, Latinos and Asians who may not necessarily qualify can still get hired, says the city official who adds that we will work with you in your swimming abilities.

There's a good reason the city is hiring lifeguards that can't swim. Public pools are largely used by Latino and African-American kids, but most of the lifeguards are white and this creates a huge problem. The kids in the pool are all either Hispanic or black or whatever, and every lifeguard is white and we don't like that,says a Phoenix official quoted in the story. She added that the kids don't relate; there's language issues.

How did it ever come to this? Competitive swimming is a sport dominated by whites. In fact, studies have found that blacks and Hispanics have lower swimming proficiency compared to whites. In Phoenix public pool lifeguards have traditionally come from "more affluent parts of town" where schools have swim teams. That means virtually no minorities, so the city launched this special program to recruit some.

Though this is a local effort in one city, it's also part of a national trend to boost the minority workforce at whatever cost. Under President Obama we have seen a lot of this at the federal level through a variety of specially-designed government programs that give ethnic minorities special treatment at all federal agencies as well as medical and agricultural fields, among others.

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Posted by DancingCzars at August 13, 2013 11:45 AM

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