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August 15, 2013

Obama's Economic Approval Slips to 35%

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What are we to expect when Obama follows no economic model that will create new jobs and wealth in the private sector?

Joe "The Plumber" got Obama to admit spreading the wealth around was a good thing when he trapped him on a rope line.

Factually, Obama is a socialist and believes in "spreading the wealth around," as long as it isn't his.


Obama and those who surround him are apparently unfamiliar with Jim's LAW.

Was 42% in June; decline mirrors drop in overall approval.

As Lydia Saad from Gallup writes:

PRINCETON, NJ -- Despite President Barack Obama's renewed focus on the nation's economy this summer, he scores worse with Americans on the economy than he did in June.

His approval rating on the issue, now 35%, is down seven percentage points, and his ratings on taxes and the federal budget deficit are each down five points. During the same period, his overall approval rating is down three points.


In fact, out of seven issues for which Obama's job performance was rated in the new poll and in June, only the three economy-related ones fell significantly.

Obama's approval ratings on race relations, terrorism, and education remain positive on balance, with each changing little since Gallup last measured them. His approval ratings on foreign affairs, immigration, and healthcare policy are all moderately negative but little changed.

Read more here.

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