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August 19, 2013

NY Sun: "As Egyptian Churches Are Put To the Torch, Obama's Reputation Goes Up in Flames"

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As Youssef Ibrahim writes at The New York Sun, while church after church is put to the torch in Egypt by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, one of the things that is going up in flames is the reputation of President Obama (emphasis mine):

[...] In the past 48 hours alone, some 57 Egyptian churches have been burned to the ground in the Nile valley. It will not be lost on the Egyptians that Mr. Obama has spent the crisis playing golf at Martha's Vineyard.

Scores of Christians are being consumed in this conflagration, some burned beyond recognition defending their churches, even as Mr. Obama's much-despised envoy in Egypt, Ambassador Patterson, still tries to effect a reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood conducting this devastation and the Egyptians who revolted against the Brotherhood's rule.

Mr. Obama came out against a pastoral background to urge the Egyptian military and government to take it easy on his favored Islamists and to hint at even more sanctions if they do not. As Mr. Obama retreated back to the beach, his aides warned of a cutoff of the $1.5 billion a year that American has been providing, though such aid is now being overwhelmed with a package of $12 billion that began flowing from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates only last month.

In Arab culture, such language and mannerism, including the wagging of fingers, will be seen as insulting, which at least partly explains the rush by the oil-rich countries to help the revolutionary government in Cairo. Yet America's problem is larger than finger pointing. The Obama administration is allying itself against those fighting for a secular Arab world, a fight that is now arising across the Arab world. It may be that two decades ago the radical religious ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood won some adherents. But Arabs have long since rejected that siren. America seems to have trouble catching up.

More here.

A couple of days ago, Powerline summed the situation up rather succinctly: Obama's Allies Attack Egypt's Christians. And it appears that even The Associated Press, never generally considered a pro-Christian news outlet, is telling the truth about what is happening in Egypt. Put another way, the only ones that just don't seem to 'get it' ... or don't care because they are so deeply in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood is Barack Obama and his pro-Islamist liberal-progressive administration.

Posted by Hyscience at August 19, 2013 9:16 AM

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