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August 4, 2013

"No Longer Respected Or Feared."



A paper tiger huh? Here at home he is seen in a different light. His is the Empty Chair Presidency. That view has developed over time as it seems he see's his job as one long golf game, vacation, campaign speech. And he certainly cannot be bothered during crisis!

Let's recap the last couple of days shall we? Friday - big fanfare - we are told embassy's around the world would be shutting down due to terrorist threats. Yesterday there were high level security meetings at the white house. Today the headlines -

The Blaze - U.S. Official: Al-Qaeda Planning Attack That's 'Going to Be Big,' 'Strategically Significant'

CBS - Source: Terrorists behind embassy threat in place


From Reuters: White House holds high-level meeting over security threat

President Barack Obama's top national security advisers met at the White House on Saturday to discuss the potential threat of terrorist attacks that caused Washington and its allies to issue travel warnings and close embassies throughout the Middle East.

The United States issued a worldwide travel alert on Friday warning Americans that al Qaeda may be planning attacks in August, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.

Without giving an update on the nature of the threat, the White House said top officials including Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and national security adviser Susan Rice gathered on Saturday to discuss it.

And further down in the article -

Obama is spending the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat after playing golf earlier on Saturday. His birthday is Sunday.

Hey! What's one more crisis to one who constantly cries wolf. Now don't get me wrong! I PRAY it is just another false flag. Still it still smells suspiciously like the night he went to bed while the fighting was going on in Benghazi.

Posted by LadyR at August 4, 2013 3:59 PM

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