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August 7, 2013

Mark Steyn on law enforcements' summary execution 'of a 95-year-old vet sitting in a chair'


john wanna.jpg

(Above image is from 2005 - 8 years ago)

First, a little background from WND:

U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Wrana, who was honorably discharged as a sergeant after he served in the India-Burma campaign, used a walker because family members said he was "wobbly" on his feet, according to the Chicago Tribune. The elderly veteran was shot down by enemy fire during the war.

On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted to involuntarily transport him for medical treatment. He was sitting in a chair, holding a cane and a shoe horn when police arrived at the Victory Centre senior living facility located just south of Chicago.

The Cook County medical examiner reported that Wrana bled to death internally from injuries caused when the elderly man was shot in the stomach with a 12-gauge shotgun that fired a bag filled with lead shot. The death has been ruled a homicide, according to reports.

As is his custom, Mark Steyn ' totally nails it', this time on law enforcement's summary execution of John Wrana:
The paramilitarization of American life proceeds apace. Following the seven armed undercover agents required to confront a female college student in last month's sparkling-water stand-off and the 13 armed officers needed to take down a baby deer called Giggles, in Cook County the other day five-to-seven police officers showed up at the Victory Centre senior living facility to tase, fire at, and kill a 95-year-old man for refusing to take his medication:
First they tased him, but that didnt work. So they fired a shotgun, hitting him in the stomach with a bean-bag round. Wrana was struck with such force that he bled to death internally, according to the Cook County medical examiner.

"The Japanese military couldn't get him at the age he was touchable, in a uniform in the war. It took 70 years later for the Park Forest police to do the job," Wrana's family attorney, Nicholas Grapsas, a former prosecutor, said in an interview with me Thursday.

Mr Wrana used a walker. For his entire "confrontation" with the five-to-seven cops, the nonagenarian veteran was apparently seated in his chair. This detail from his daughter is poignant:
Read more here.

Indeed, law enforcement in America today has lost all sense of proportion! What in the world is going on in our country?

Here is John Wrana and his wife, Helen, in 2005 (Family photo from attorney Nick Grapsas)

John and Helen.jpg

Somewhat related - it's not just your life that cops can now summarily take under Obama's 'Amerika': The Cops Can Take Away Your Cash, Car, Or House -- Even If You're Never Convicted Of A Crime

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