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August 7, 2013

Fox News: 'It's the data, stupid -- GOP can't let loyalty and power trump innovation'



As the Democrats have their plethora of factions, it's much easier keeping them it line.

This isn't you mom and dads Democrat party but one that has been hijacked by the progressive socialist left whose mission statement may as well be "Tax and Spend."

Their objectives are simple, grow the government and unions as large as possible while giving all the "free stuff" away to insure a constant stream of voters who are not smart enough to understand one very simple concept.

The freebies are keeping them on Uncle Sam's Plantation and depriving them of the dignity of learning self reliance.

images-1.jpgThe Republicans on the other hand are in the midst of infighting over who is a true conservative, a fiscal conservative or a RINO.

In order to take back our country and restore the U.S. Constitution, fiscal conservatives must run in primaries against RiNO's as they can't be counted upon when push comes to shove.

John Jordan reports at

Mitt Romney's loss last November precipitated acknowledgement within the GOP of the vast" digital divide" between the Democratic and Republican parties, and the role it plays in driving election outcomes.

The GOP's technological shortfalls have been well documented and widely discussed by pundits and political operatives, including the party's own leadership. In fact, the RNC's 2012 post-mortem, the "Growth & Opportunity Project," identified a lack of relevant data and analytics as a primary reason for Republican losses in 2012.

The term "digital divide" is commonly used to describe the technological disparity between the parties, and I, too, use it for consistency's sake. But what we saw in 2012 was not a divide -- it was a gaping void. Calling it wrongly implies equal knowledge and capability.

Republicans have neither, and thus stick with what they know: outdated, expensive, time-intensive polling, accompanied by "spray and pray" television ad campaigns that have lost their effectiveness in recent years due the rise of DVRs and online television.

I believe the GOP's power structure magnifies the technological disadvantage the party now suffers.

Today, the vast majority of both Republican Party and SuperPAC dollars are still spent on these old models, rather than on innovative web-based technologies that can help Republicans drive and shape political discourse in real time.

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Posted by DancingCzars at August 7, 2013 6:15 PM

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