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August 20, 2013

Is the U.N. coming after America's guns, courtesy of Barack Obama?

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According to Bob Barr, writing at The Washington Times, "Barack Obama's OK of a gun-control treaty would destroy the Second Amendment."

Barr writes:

[...] The true scope of the anti-firearm crusade of the United Nations, which began more than a dozen years ago, finally is coming into clear focus, as the White House readies to sign the Arms Trade Treaty adopted with U.S. support this past April by the U.N. General Assembly. The reach of this long-term, carefully crafted agenda is truly breathtaking, going far beyond the publicly articulated goals of even the most radical of homegrown gun-control groups.

Since the first major U.N. meeting in July 2001, officially launching the so-called "Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects" this bureaucratic behemoth on the banks of the East River in New York City has been attempting to stretch its tentacles into the domestic regulation of firearms.

If the administration of President Obama signs the Arms Trade Treaty, the U.N. will have taken a major step toward its ultimate goal -- regardless of whether the treaty is ever submitted to the Senate for ratification.

According to experts familiar with this process, the mere act of signing the treaty -- a responsibility that would fall to Secretary of State John Kerry -- would "obligate" the U.S. government as a signatory not to act "contrary to" its terms. Those "terms" are, to quote Ross Perot, the "devil in the detail" -- found not only within the four corners of the document itself, but in companion, foundational documents on which it is based.

More here.

As for whether or not the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is really a threat to our 2nd Amendment rights, chalk that up as a definite 'yes', as was made clear by Larry Bell's must-read piece at Forbes back in July 2012 when he disarmed the myths promoted by the gun-control lobby. He concluded his piece with this stark reminder:

[...] Don't forget that an Illinois senator named Barack Obama was an aggressive advocate for expanding gun control laws, and even voted against legislation giving gun owners an affirmative defense when they use firearms to defend themselves and their families against home invaders and burglars. That was after he served on a 10-member board of directors of the radically activist anti-gun Joyce Foundation in Chicago which contributed large grants to anti-Second Amendment organizations.

But then, as a former lecturer in constitutional law, wouldn't he certainly realize that the U.N.'s gun- grab agenda violates our sovereign rights? Perhaps the answer to that question warrants some serious reflection!

Given Barack Obama's propensity to ignore Congress and do what he damn well pleases by executive order with complete support from Eric "Fast amd Furious" Holder's eager support, there should be no doubt in any freedom loving American's mind as to what Barack Hussein is certain to do.

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Posted by Hyscience at August 20, 2013 7:03 AM

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