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August 4, 2013

I know this man #4

Topics: We, The People

He is my cousin, my uncle, my brother, my grandfather, my father. I am fortunate to have had him in my life today, and yesterday, and pray - tomorrow.

From The Patriot's Corner - Gather my children and you shall hear of the tale of woe that has brought us to here - Benghazi-Gate

This is about the roots of lies, deceptions, grand collusion's, dirty collaborations, filthy, dirty, guilty of war crimes and impeachable offenses politicians of all stripes, from all corners of the vermin encrusted swamp known as D.C. A nefarious den of iniquity, where dirty palms were greased by the dollars of cronyism and watered by the blood of AMERICANS who were willing to die for their beloved Republic and our FREEDOM.

Obama had the nerve to call Benghazi a 'distraction'. He is truly operating under the Alinsky rules and what better real distraction than a security alert for our embassies in Muslim countries. So instead of zeroing in on our enemies like we used to do,and then taking them out, America AMERIKKKA will instead fold up the tents, pick up her skirts and beat a hasty retreat or in this case, close the places down. Sadly, what we should have done is fortified, and armed to the teeth each and every embassy and consulate around the globe, decades ago say after the first attack on the WTC in what year, 1993?

I guarantee as you read this post, stolen from The Conservative Treehouse and Sundance, your BP will rise and you will need a stiff drink or two at the very least. The depth of depravity and collusion are deeply sickening and if you wonder why John McCain is even more of a lap dog and has his nose so far up Obama's a$$, it could never be white again, that answer is here. There is no sunlight that could ever bleach McCain back to what he used to be. The truth has left him, Clinton, Obama and they will never know the truth until it is impressed upon them by perhaps a length of rope and swinging from some tree limb. These charlatans NEVER have known the truth nor have they EVER operated in a trustworthy or ethical way. I am not advocating any attacks on ANY politician or person but let my words seep in and then read what sundance has put together. Is it 100% fool proof or without argument(s) against? No, of course not but the post makes for some very common sense connections and many things will add up, including why Benghazi has had so much trouble gaining deep, sincere traction and the AMERICAN public should be outraged and burying their politicians with emails, phone calls, tweets calling for Obama's impeachment and or trial and conviction, along with so many others. The post is rather a long one but the information is deeply disturbing and I know many of us had thought about much of what Sundance so resolutely covers. I will shut up and get on to the post. PatriotUSA Continue reading HERE

Posted by LadyR at August 4, 2013 5:35 PM

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