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August 13, 2013

Further proof from credible scientists that what some call "Man Made Climate Change" is a hoax

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Any one who has studied this topic understands full well that climate change is not man made.


Climate Change is the result of the Sun in conjunction with water vapor from rivers, lakes, clouds, and oceans, putting more CO2 into the atmosphere.


Think CO2 is bad? Let me lock you in a room with out it.

The only thing that has come from so-called Man made Global Warming is the enlargement of its high priest, Albert Gore Jr., who will not allow the press to attend his presentations, the audience to ask questions, or debate many of us who have challenged him.

Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire

He has made millions on selling worthless "carbon offsets."

As the world begins to wise up and virtually everything invested in with taxpayer dollars terns to merde, Gore and his suck ups fortunes will come tumbling down.


As Mark Morano of the Climate Depot explains it:

North Pole Sees Unprecedented July Cold Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record Normally the high Arctic has about 90 days above freezing. This year there was less than half that.
More here.

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