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August 8, 2013

Fox News' Liberal Kirsten Powers: It's "Democratic ladies" pushing ignorance in the abortion debate

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babyat20weeks.jpg(Image - unborn child at 20 weeks)

To be specific, Powers said "Ignorance is the entire problem, and it's "Democratic ladies" who are pushing it, abetted by a national media all too eager to demonize anyone challenging them ...

Actually, the people who "don't really understand" the issue are the Democratic ladies crusading against laws the majority of the country supports.

Despite frequently mocking anti-abortion activists as anti-science know-nothings, abortion rights absolutists are the ones who play fast and loose with the facts of abortion. Because they are so rarely asked to defend their positions, Davis and her ilk apparently don't feel the need to be informed. Follow-up questions to their strange and often empirically false statements are almost nonexistent, while offensive or misinformed comments from GOP back benchers are greeted with full-scale media hysteria.

John McCormack has been the dogged fly in the ointment here. On a noble quest to get a response to an eminently reasonable question, he has yet to get a straight answer. In June, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi convened a press conference to condemn a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. McCormack asked her essentially the same question he asked Davis: "What is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?" Pelosi answered, "You're probably enjoying that question a lot, I can see you savoring it." This insulting nonsense inexplicably elicited laughter from some of the assembled reporters.

AS Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air, It's not really all that inexplicable, as Powers makes clear.
They're on the side of abortionists, not those who question their supporters. That remains true even when the supporters say something as jaw-dropping as Pelosi's parting shot at McCormack: ...

Posted by Hyscience at August 8, 2013 3:33 PM

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