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August 29, 2013

Feds Push States to Ban Background Checks Because They're "Discriminatory"

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Always eager to walk all over the rights of American citizens and, in this case, particularly business owners who feel the need to have trustworthy and honest employees, the very liberal and very progressive Obama administration is pressuring states and municipalities across the U.S. to adopt senseless measures restricting employers from asking job applicants about their criminal history.

In other words, common sense and freedom have once again left the building!

From Judicial Watch:

Bottom line: The feds are coercing local governments to make it illegal for private companies to properly vet job candidates. Assisting in the national movement is a "community organization" in California called Legal Services for Prisoners with Children. The group helped coin the phrase "ban the box" claiming that the questions translate into "lifelong discrimination and exclusion because of a past arrest or conviction record." ...
No surprise, the nonsensical push was instigated by a 'community organization" in loonyville California, surely by people that never ran a business and most of whom probably never had a real job. On the other hand, if they did ... or do, they still lack the good common sense God gave a goose or they'd know that an employer absolutely must have trustworthy, honest, employees who he or she has to depend upon to perform their duties such that he or she doesn't end up getting his company sued or cost his company money.

Fortunately, there's at least one federal judge that does have the good common sense God gave a goose:

Just a few weeks ago a federal judge hearing one of the Obama administration's many background-check discrimination cases in Maryland blasted the claims, calling them "laughable," "distorted," "cherry-picked," "worthless" and "an egregious example of scientific dishonesty." The lashing was delivered in a 34-page opinion lambasting the government's expert data against a family-owned company that started using background checks after being a victim of embezzlement, theft, drug use and workplace violence.
Read the whole thing here.

Sounds like the judge summed up the Obama administration's effort rather succinctly, and it just happens to fit the administration to a 'T': "laughable," "distorted," "cherry-picked," "worthless" and "an egregious example of scientific dishonesty."

Unfortunately, however, numerous states and localities have adopted the "ban the box hiring practices, including my own, which calls for me to add a qualifier to my disgust with the feds interfering with the rights of an employer to know who and what is working for them. I do support EEOC's view that employers should not deny employment based ('solely') on arrest records and should utilize conviction records only after evaluating the nature of the job, the severity of the conviction, the time elapsed since the conviction and the applicant’s rehabilitative efforts."

Posted by Hyscience at August 29, 2013 6:30 AM

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