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August 29, 2013

Dr. King would have been so proud yesterday...


Or maybe not so.

The March On Washington had plenty of politicians doing what they do best - politicking. But there was one politician conspicuously missing - perhaps his invite was lost in the mail?

Via the Washington Examiner - Sen. Tim Scott wasn't invited to event commemorating MLK march on Washington

Sen. Tim Scott, R.-S.C., the only African American serving in the United States Senate, wasn't invited to the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's march on Washington, though a host of Democratic luminaries spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Continue HERE.

And then there was this -

From SooperMexican - Five Big Lies Made At The 'March On Washington' 50th Anniversary

It really is a proud moment in our history that we can look back to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, and see so much progress towards fulfilling the promise of equality in the Declaration of Independence.

That's what makes it that much more sullied by pandering politicians hoping to use the event for their political agenda, and harangue Americans with overwrought accusations of racism lurking around every corner.

Here are five big lies made during speeches at the Lincoln Memorial to push liberal agenda items: Continue HERE.

And this -

From American Digest - MLK Celebration Was Just Sad: Everything You Once Thought Highly of Has Now Degenerated.

It's unclear who or what the assembled drones and droolers at today's autofornication festival represented, but it certainly wasn't Americans, African or otherwise. Under no circumstances can what was blathered today be thought of as a credit to the once noble and now nefarious "civil rights movement." Like so many other idealistic visions of its era it has now devolved and degenerated into a gelatinous slab of smarm and slime. I suppose that the best that can be said is that nothing said today will matter in another 50 years. Probably in another 50 months. Cont. HERE (and it ain't pretty).

Posted by LadyR at August 29, 2013 7:25 AM

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