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August 16, 2013

Don't Hate Al Gore For His $30 Million Apple Score


Well you can be forgiven if you choose too. Do you suppose it's a coincidence that the revelation put forth by By Carmel Lobello at This Week Magazine that an iPhone uses more electricity than a refrigerator had anything to do with the timing of the sale?


It seems a though living the green footprint lie is not problematic for a hypocrite of Prince Albert's egomaniacal stature.


A server room at a data center. One data center can use enough electricity to power 180,000 homes

In reality it's the servers needed to make digital communication possible. So what's a mere $30 million to the net worth among friends?

Which uses more electricity: the iPhone in your pocket, or the refrigerator humming in your kitchen? Hard as it might be to believe, the answer is probably the iPhone. As you can read in a new report by Mark Mills the CEO of the Digital Power Group, a tech-and investment-advisory firm a medium-size refrigerator that qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating will use about 322 kW-h a year. The average iPhone, according to Mill's calculations, uses about 361 kW-h a year once the wireless connections, data usage and battery charging are tallied up. And the iPhone even the latest iteration does't even keep your beer cold.

As Igor Greenwald Contributor to Forbes Magazine writes:


Favorite color. (Getty Images)

I guess that check from Al Jazeera must have cleared, because Al Gore is in the news with another major score.

Two weeks after pulling down a reported $100 million from the sale of Current TV to the Qatar-based news network Al Jazerra, the man so many love to hate is at it again, this time by exercising options entitling him to buy 59,000 Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) shares for the excellent price of $7.475 each.

So Gore has just spent a little over $440,000 to acquire stock worth nearly $30 million as of Thursday's close. And what did he do for all that money? Attended a board meeting a few times a year for the last decade. Had Steve Jobs back when it counted. That's all. Not bad for someone who didn't invent the Internet.

Do you think this stinks? Some hereditary politician making out like a real tycoon after rubbing shoulders with the hippie high-tech elites? Realizing more wealth in a single day than the average Chinese assembler of iPhones will earn in 100 lifetimes? Does it make you angry to see this sanctimonious do-gooder get filthy rich?

If so, your'e exactly the person I'm trying to reach.

You see, Gore earned those millions because he's very talented. Because the government is not the inferiority complex imagined by the people who would dismantle it. In fact, it's filled with talented professionals like Al Gore. People at the top of their fields. Astronauts and epidemiologists. Curators and commandos.


More here.

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Posted by DancingCzars at August 16, 2013 10:57 AM

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