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August 21, 2013

Don't Come Home - the Police State Grows


Looking at The Garden of Eden is for me like time travel. It is a way of life so close to the way my best friend Lauri and her husband lived in America. They have been in Belgium for the last few years and are considering returning. I will be sending the below material for their consideration.

The incident (an early morning/day-long police/swat raid) is about choices we make for ourselves, the responsibility that goes with those choices, and those who don't like our choices. In my (not so humble) opinion, someone had a bee up their bonnet about these people and decided to make their life miserable with plenty of help from the Arlington (Texas) Police Department and SWAT team.

From GrumpyElder - SWAT Team Raids Texas Organic Farm in search of ,,, Blueberries - WTF - Excerpts -

A SWAT team broke through the gates of a small Arlington, Texas farm and led a massive 10-hour search of the property. The residents were handcuffed and held at gunpoint while they watched more than 10 tons of their property hauled off in trucks.

What dangerous contraband required this massive governmental response? It wasn't illegal explosives, stolen vehicles or drugs, but rather organic blackberry bushes, okra plants, and sunflowers.

The Garden of Eden is a 3.5-acre farm that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Back in February, Arlington started complaining about possible city code violations. Officials said that the grass was too tall, bushes were too close to the street, and chopped wood wasn't stacked in a government-approved manner. Basically, HOA-style complaints where no homeowners' association exists. Continue HERE.

Statements by homeowner Shellie Smith and Quinn:

"They came here under the guise that we were doing a drug trafficking, marijuana-growing operation," owner Shellie Smith said. "They destroyed everything." She said that officers shielded their nametags so they couldn't be identified and didn't produce a warrant until two hours after the raid started.

Quinn Eaker resident -
It is absurd to punish or rule one on their personal path of freedom when it is affecting no one else. Do no harm: this is the Golden Rule, Natural Law, God's Law. This is what the constitution of the United States of America is based upon. Freedom and Responsibility.

Now the line may appear to be more blurry in our situation with the City, but it is not. If we choose upon our own land to have tall grasses that we juice and support the habitat of the many animals, bugs, birds and life here, then it is OUR choice and our RIGHT to make that choice freely. If we want to build our own home out of earth (which has been very well documented for thousands of years as being FAR superior to the common building practices seen in suburbs across the world of "civilized" countries today), it is our right to walk that path.

The only way freedom can exist is in responsibility. We are aware of this and do not expect anyone to be responsible for our well being. That is our Soul mission in life. To thrive~*~

If we want to build a home and we build it, then we are responsible for its function and performance. If it proves faulty or something happens to it, it is NO ones fault but our own, and we are the ones to bear the burden of the failure. Freedom and Responsibility. This is very simple, very easy, and it WORKS. The more complicated we make it, the more rules there are; the more taxation and lack of responsibility, the less freedom, the more hindered and the less life is truly lived. With great freedom comes great responsibility, and we do not want one without the other.

The pictures (that say a thousand words) hardly depict a way of life harmful to individuals, including the children involved, or society. Judge for yourselves.

WFAA 8 News - Search warrant/affidavit - GOE SWAT Raid Press Release - The Garden of Eden: Website - Facebook - make sure to view the facebook photos - Pinterest - Twitter

It is a mistake to view the Garden of Eden as some retro hippie type commune practicing peace and love and living off the earth counter culture life style. It is anything but. It is a chosen way of life in both personal needs fulfillment/sharing/responsibility/happiness, and what looks like a healthy and prosperous business. These people are thriving, not merely surviving, and someone tried to destroy them.

This a short two minute video. An in depth interview mostly with Quinn HERE.

Posted by LadyR at August 21, 2013 8:23 AM

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