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August 3, 2013

Congress is finally getting to the bottom of Benghazi as new revelations on silencing and intimidation of witnesses emerges

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As congress begins to get to the bottom of this coverup nearly 1 year after the attack happened new revelations have been brought forth.


Not among them were Front Page Magazine's revelation yesterday that Obama Inc. is Moving Benghazi Survivors Around the Country Under Aliases

As WND-Garth Kant tells us:

WASHINGTON Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is too diplomatic to name names.

But, when WND asked the 17-term representative if the GOP leadership supported his call for a select committee to investigate the mushrooming Benghazi scandal, he replied, As of now, no. But I'm hopeful. I think we have now shown enough questions to meet the threshold.


WND asked Wolf if that meant the scandal had reached a tipping point in his quest.

He said "I think so," because of dramatic new revelations, including new reports from witnesses.

President Obama may call Benghazi a phony scandal but those revelations make it look like he has the CIA desperately covering up something huge.

Wolf, whose tenure extends back to Ronald Reagan's 1980 victory, is leading a crusade to get to the bottom of it and he thinks he knows exactly how to do it.

He has given speeches on the House floor for 12 days in a row calling for a select committee to investigate Benghazi, a plan he explained in great detail to WND on June 28.

See Wolf's speech from Friday below.

Unprecedented secrecy

WND spoke with a visibly energized Wolf immediately after his floor speech Friday, the last in his marathon to call attention to the suddenly exploding scandal.

Wolf discussed with WND details of a CNN report the CIA had dozens of people in Benghazi on the night of the attack and the agency has gone to unprecedented lengths to make sure what they were doing there remains a secret.

The report said CIA employees were afraid for themselves and their families, and subjected to pure intimidation, including a highly unusual number of lie-detector tests.

And now Fox is confirming an explosive allegation Wolf made to WND back in June, that Benghazi survivors are being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

On Friday, Wolf told WND he believes those survivors want to talk.

"I think a lot of them want the American people to know what happened. I think they also want to be recognized, because when you hear the stories of what they've done, it's kind of a great American story," he said, referring to the heroic efforts by those who survived, and the four Americans who died, in the terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

More HERE.

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