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August 21, 2013

Chalk up another loss for the race hustlers

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NBC Miami reports: Florida Lawmakers Reject "Stand Your Ground" Session:

An overwhelming number of Florida legislators have rejected a call for a special session to repeal the state's "stand your ground" law.

The Department of State on Tuesday released a final tally. It showed 108 legislators voted against the special session while 47 voted for it. Four legislators didn't vote.

The vote was triggered by a written request by 33 legislators for the special session. They were urged to do so by protesters upset with the July verdict in the George Zimmerman case.

[...] The vote was split largely along partisan lines. Seven Democrats joined with Republicans in voting no. ...

Race hustler Al Sharpton and his ilk were among those beating the drums for state lawmakers to throw out Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Apparently common sense and reason, along with a dose of politics, won out over knee-jerk emotion and race hustling.

By the way, what Sharpton, Jackson, and the liberal media won't tell you, and certainly don't want you to know, is that blacks benefit most from Stand Your Ground laws.

Posted by Hyscience at August 21, 2013 7:08 AM

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