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August 14, 2013

By The Powers Vested In Me

Topics: You Just Can’t Make This S*** Up Folks!

That would be powers granted moi here at Hyscience, I have now created a category/topic which we have threatened but thus far not implemented. That category - "You Just Can't Make This S*** Up Folks!"

It could just as easily be called "Hussein Obama Bull****" but we might fool ya and every once in a while come up with something NOT BHO related, thus the more broad category.

Today's entry - H/T Battlefield USA - Oh hell... Commitment To The Regime

Worried About NSA Snooping?

Relax, its being thoroughly investigated. The entire policy of technology and intelligence gathering is going to be reviewed. So the American public has nothing to worry about.

Who is going to investigate? Why, of course, it will be James Clapper, the DNI who lied when he testified before Congress about snooping on the American public. Continue reading HERE.

In the continued reading above is another link enlightening us as to why the review group is being assembled and it might have something to do with this slightly confrontational little question from a reporter to HO -
"Q: Can you understand, though, why some people might not trust what you're saying right now about wanting to --

"THE PRESIDENT: No, I can't.

"No, I can't." No...I...can't? Buh-reath taking!

In the ensuing quiet one could hear gasps of horror at the brevity of the reporter - and - from the audience deemed too stoopid to know truth from lie there came THIS.


Posted by LadyR at August 14, 2013 6:33 AM

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