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August 31, 2013

Brian Williams and The Truth Fairy


What the hey! Brian Williams must have taken one hell of a hit to the ol noggin! Spewing truth like a dirty, traitorous, conservative? Did hell just freeze?

H/T Battlefield USA - from Jon Rappoport - Syria, lies exposed, broken paradigms, dead pigs

Brian Williams: On the issue of war against Syria, Obama can only try to take a moral high ground based on the idea that a chemical attack occurred. That's all he's got. He can't peddle spiritual unity in this case. He's dying on the vine.

The whole thing is a sham and a scam and a cardboard front. Get it? I'm trying to tell you, my fellow Americans, ladies and gentlemen, all you good folks out there, what's really happening. I'm hitting the high points.

We, in the media, are your basic liars. That's our skill. That's what makes us great. Right now, we're selling the war to you. We're trying, damn it, but it's not easy. We've got so little to work with.

Dianne Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and I are carnival barkers. We dress it up, but that's all we are. We fake it every night. I don't even need to be here. You could have a CGI of me, programmed with messages from the White House, polished by our writers at NBC. Now, in fact, looking back at my career, that's what it feels like. I was never here. I don't know where the hell I was, but through a stroke of fate, I'm back. And I'm trying to feed you a little truth.

Just think oil and keep thinking oil. Oil pipeline through Syria. Oil in the Middle East.

Anyway...where was I? I could show you pictures of a hundred, two hundred places around the world where governments are torturing and killing their own people and putting them in cages. Is the US supposed to go into all those places and liberate the oppressed? Are we supposed to force free elections from the North Pole to Tierra del Fuego?

And what is a free election? I'll tell you. It's the same big-time players behind the scenes cooking the vote for a new bunch of tyrants.

The only way to stop that--and it's a long shot--is to form a government based on severely limiting the power of government.

Wow. What an idea! Where did that come from? Am I, Brian Williams, the first person to see that?

Anyway, Syria is a crazy op that's gotten out of control.

We've got Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq. Why would the US government be trying to upset the apple cart in those places? To free the people? Don't be stupid. To obtain cheaper oil prices? How is that working out?

If Dianne, Scott, and I were real reporters, this is the issue we'd be working on. Is this a destabilizing operation aimed at disrupting the flow of oil? Is this a high-level game in which the US and other industrial economies take a huge energy hit? Is this a prelude to the acceleration of the forces of elite Globalism? Is this the old create-chaos and then bring in order on top of that?

Right now, that's what it looks like to me. Sitting here, that's my thesis. I don't think I'll be able to get anybody in the White House to give me a straight answer, though.

But it's a start. So...for all the good people here at NBC News, good night. I'll be back tomorrow, possibly broadcasting from a holding cell under CIA headquarters at Langley. In which case, don't believe anything I say. Signing off. Brian Williams.

Alright already so if it looks like a dream, and feels like a dream, it was most likely a dream. Brian Williams and his ilk on truth serum? In your dreams. So! It is worth backing up to the beginning of Rappoport's post and going from there -

The President just gave his speech on Syria. He intends to launch an air attack. He wants Congress to approve it. He didn't say what he'll do if Congress refuses, and he didn't say how the attacks will limit Assad's ability to use chemical weapons on his people in the future. He's utterly convinced, he claims, that Assad deployed chemical weapons. He's "seen the evidence."

Why should we believe him? There are ample reports that "the rebels" used those weapons. Those would be the rebels the US government is backing and arming. Continue reading HERE.

Posted by LadyR at August 31, 2013 8:03 PM

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