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August 3, 2013

Blue Cross Blue Shield: "Steep rate increases ahead" as a result of ObamaCare

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Via the Raleigh News and Observer (emphasis mine):

In a signpost pointing to health insurance changes under the nation's new health care law, North Carolina's largest insurer has warned of steep rate increases for customers who have typically paid below-average premiums.

A third of Blue Cross and Blue Shield's customers who buy individual policies -- or about 125,000 residents -- should prepare for unusually large rate increases, according to the Chapel Hill company. The remaining quarter-million customers who buy individual policies will see increases in line with previous years.

The rate plans are anticipated as a barometer of North Carolina's emerging health care landscape that will take shape under the Affordable Care Act, the 2010 federal law that takes effect in less than seven months.

The law is expected to extend coverage to 1.6 million North Carolinians who are uninsured, many of whom are presumed to be in worse health than those with access to regular medical care.

Blue Cross policies and costs are expected to set an industry standard, influencing how insurers adjust to the law and what that law will mean for those who have had insurance and those who have not been able to afford coverage previously and will now be buying it for the first time.

"What everyone is interested in right now is: What are the rates under the new law?" said Adam Linker, health policy analyst with the N.C. Justice Center's Health Access Coalition. "All the myths and hype and propaganda will be swept aside and we'll have real numbers."

But not just yet.

[...] However, Blue Cross did disclose that insurance costs for employees who work for businesses with 1 to 50 employees will rise about 18 percent in 2014 because of increased coverage and benefits, as well as eight new taxes and fees in the Affordable Care Act. But the effects on small businesses are so wide-ranging that they will result in reductions as deep as 41 percent and increases as high as 284 percent.

"More sick people in the insurance pool, more benefits, and new taxes and fees will drive rates up," Blue Cross said in a statement. ...

Hell, this is exactly what conservatives have been sayin' was going to happen from the very get-go of this damn thing called Obamacare.

But think for a nanosecond that the idiots that voted for our Nanny State-in-Chief to get elected not just once ... but twice ... will finally realize their big big mistake after their insurance premiums drastically go up, which may very well force them to sign up for a cheaper plan, apply for some form of "government health care coverage" plan, or pay the non-insured penalty.

Just what in the hell did the idiotic loons that voted for Obama think was going to happen with more sick people in the insurance pool, more benefits, and new taxes and fees! Can't they do basic math! Those Insane liberals and other Obama-worshipers just can't help themselves from trying the same ole thing over and over again, getting the same f**ked up result over and over again, and thinking if they try it JUST ONE MORE TIME .... well, you know ... they should've listened to Eistein

Hat tip - Sister Toldjah

Posted by Proud Cracker at August 3, 2013 10:14 AM

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