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August 1, 2013

Black Florida lawmaker says Jesse Jackson's comments are "dangerously divisive and offensive"


Newly-elected state Rep. Mike Hill of Pensacola, the lone African-American Republican in the Florida Legislature, issued a statement in response to recent comments from Jesse Jackson about Florida ... and he didn't hold back from expressing his disgust for the race-hustler's comments.


Adam C. Smith, Tampa Bay Times Political Director, reports Rep. Mike Hill's statement:

[...] "As a father, a husband, and a business-owner in Florida, I find the attacks on our state and our leaders by Jesse Jackson ridiculous. As a black man who has been able to live my dreams in this great state, Jackson's comments are dangerously divisive and offensive.

"I first came to the Sunshine State as a young Air Force officer, and found a place so beautiful and filled with opportunity I decided to make it my home. When the entrepreneurial spirit took hold, my neighbors and colleagues embraced my new venture without prejudice or discrimination. In the decades since, I have been blessed with a loving family and a community where people are treated with respect.

"When Jackson uses language that describes us as an apartheid state and compares our governor to one of history's most notorious bigots, he is either hopelessly out of touch or purposefully dishonest.

"Just this summer, I, a black man in Florida, was elected to serve in the Florida House of Representatives just about 180 miles away from the bridge in Selma where racism and hatred were violently acted out. I understand the difference between where America was, where it is today, and where it will go tomorrow.

"The incidents that unfolded and resulted in the tragic death of a young, black man deserved to be heard in our criminal justice system. They were, and a jury of peers decided the outcome based on our laws and a process that originates in our divinely-inspired Constitution.

"For Jesse Jackson to disagree with the outcome of that process is a right and privilege he and every citizen are guaranteed. But for a man who casts himself as a defender of these rights to disparage Florida and our nation with reckless and unfounded commentary is a disgrace."

It's long past time for more black leaders of both parties to speak out against the racial divisiveness and race-baiting hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton Dyson ... and yes, Barack Hussein Obama. All of them have made a career out of such hate-inspiring race-hustling and have done nothing to help bring about racial harmony.

Bottom line, genuine Black leaders and responsible Black commentators need to blasting such race-baiting hustlers like Juan Williams tore into Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson (he should have included Jessie Jackson as well since his comments apply equally to Jackson). Williams goes so far as to say that many of the blacks in the civil rights community are outright frauds and hucksters. and that their goal is to demonize white conservatives so they don't have to deal with the real problems that continue to plague the black community:

Posted by Hyscience at August 1, 2013 1:40 PM

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