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August 1, 2013

"Do you really... want... liberty?"


Battlefield USA - No More Ft. Sumters?

Victor Davis Hanson - Life in the Twilight.

Two writers - the same message. Years of inattention to Big Brother has America struggling in the quicksand of tyranny with very, very few options left for extracting ourselves.

Battlefield USA has been sounding the alarm for a long time. He is relentless.

I was surprised at what is a very clear alarm being rung by VDH. Maybe I just don't read him often enough. Both are "must" reads, IMO.

Two somber quotes from VDH's piece though the first does not describe millions of us:

We accept all this, scuttling along like Eliot's ragged claws, or we look downward to avoid the talking head on Orwell's big screen.

The model of our future will be a landscape like Detroit, as those on MSNBC or on NPR find ever more clever ways to assure us that the city is "saved" from the free-market capitalist and racist buccaneers. We will shuffle on, as the voices go in one ear and out the other, as they screech that Big Brother saved us at last from the reactionary Goldsteins of the world who nearly destroyed it.

Wake up America. Wake up! The sands in the hour glass.......

Posted by LadyR at August 1, 2013 7:53 AM

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