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August 23, 2013

Antoinette Tuff and Schopenhauer


Schopenhauer - from The World As Will and Idea - with the first part of the quote set up/explained by author unknown to me.

Because our actions are the mirror of our timeless will and we get to know ourselves after the actions took place, "it behooves us to strive and fight in time, in order that the picture that we produce by our deeds may be such that the contemplation of it may calm us as much as possible instead of harassing us."
We cannot know beforehand (only after the fact) how we will react in any given situation, therefore it is a good thing to visualize, prepare, to contemplate one's navel with regard to growing and becoming the best we can be.

This video is audio only of Antoinette Tuff at the school where she is a bookkeeping clerk. She is on the phone with 911 while in the room with a young man armed with an AK47 type rifle and a whole lot of ammunition.

I think those trained militarily could beforehand have some confidence in how they would handle this kind of situation, but how many of us would ever even contemplate facing this? My impression of Antoinette Tuff is that she is just a normie. Maybe the school had had meetings to discuss what to do if... I don't know the answers to that. I do know she was absolutely amazing. Calm, soothing, very kind, always letting him think he was in charge and making the decisions.

There is no question in my mind she effected the outcome of the situation. While I never felt he was going to shoot up the place, she didn't and couldn't know that for sure. Whatever her upbringing, or her life experiences, or her personal training I have no idea on that either, I am just grateful she was the one there at that moment in time.

Hats off to you Antoinette Tuff, wherever you are.

Posted by LadyR at August 23, 2013 5:29 PM

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