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August 10, 2013

All Emails Going Out of US Copied



Already read by NSA twice

Why not? the NSA has everything on us anyway. It's time to go with two tin cans and some wire.


From the NY Times, This scandal keeps getting better and nothing is being done about anything within the operational scope of the National Security Agency. ALL emails going outbound, and presumably inbound too, from the United States to people in any other nation, are copied. Text is studied.

Intelligence of what is believed to be written pored over. Then the information and context, cataloged and stored, for future use if, the US Government wants to pursue a person(s) for political witch hunting endeavor.

It remains beyond prudence that every person in the United States is now a suspect for the crimes willingly engaged in by the US Government. An interesting thought is, why would the NSA, having breeched the limitations of intent of mission, and extended/broken US laws, stop short of copying ALL domestic emails, also?

It is a fact that, has handed over massive amounts of encrypted email documents to the US Government, because of a pact between Canada and the United States.

The lines are blurred, over the established geo-political borders of all nations with this NSA scandal, and the one and only rat that can clearly be smelled is, an attempt to establish a One World Government. More below:

Not being mentioned is that the United Nations would be the main rat, and it is not comprised of elected officials, and is made up of appointees. The scandal plagued United Nations, I suspect, is mastermind and puppeteer. But whom is it, that is the puppeteer's master? We must follow, the Money.

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Posted by DancingCzars at August 10, 2013 9:55 AM

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