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July 30, 2013

Unarmed Florida Man, Shot By Police In Own Driveway While Retrieving Cigarettes From 'His Own Car'

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Let me repeat that: An 'Unarmed' man in Florida was shot by police in his own driveway while retrieving cigarettes from 'his own car'.

Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous for your health, but getting shot by the police in the process of just retrieving them from your own car is an unexpected hazard, to say the least. No problem though, I'm sure he's comforted by word that Florida law enforcement officials "are investigating the report."

Thomas Barrabi reports at The International Business Times (emphasis added):

[...] Roy Middleton, a 60-year-old resident of Warrington, Fla., was shot in the leg by Escambia County sheriff's deputies on Saturday, the Pensacola News Journal reports. The shooting reportedly took place on Middleton's driveway, as he attempted to retrieve a cigarette from his mother's car. That's when police arrived on the scene, investigating a report of a possible vehicle break-in, Fox 10 reports.

Middleton claims that he was searching the car for a loose cigarette when he heard someone say, "Get your hands where I can see them," the News Journal reports. The 60-year-old initially thought a neighbor was playing a joke on him, but he turned to find Escambia County police standing with guns drawn.

The 60-year-old says that he exited his mother's car with his arms raised, but police opened fire anyway, the News Journal reports "It was like a firing squad," Middleton told the paper. "Bullets were flying everywhere."

More on the story - here.

Middleton remains in a local hospital and reportedly faces several weeks of recovery. His mother's car is riddled with bullet holes. In the meanwhile, the Escambia County Sheriff's Office is refusing to comment on the shooting.

Would you say that the Escambia County Sheriff's Department is in drastic need of some serious immediate training and learning when, where, and why deadly force is applicable ... and shooting an unarmed man for retrieving cigarettes out of his own car isn't one of them!

Cops aren't beyond doing really really stupid things:

images stupid cops.jpg

Posted by Hyscience at July 30, 2013 6:30 AM

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