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May 15, 2013

Millions of Christians Forced Out of Muslim Countries

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror, Islamic Fascism, Religion

It's the Muslim way ... Islam being Islam!


USBC News reports:

According to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, "the flight of Christians out of the region is unprecedented and it's increasing year by year" and warned that it was possible that within a generation, "Christians might disappear altogether from Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt."

One of the clearest examples of this trend, is the fact that nearly 60% of Iraqi Christians have left country after the removal of Saddam Hussein resulted in a power vacuum in which Christians were left vulnerable in the predominantly Muslim nation.

The trend has only increased in speed and size since the so called "Arab Spring" encouraged by President Obama's Administration, which has lead to the rise of Islamic organizations gaining power in countries such as Egypt. In Egypt an estimated 100,000 Christians left after the country's revolution lead to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country's government. The similarly widely-criticized mismanagement by the Obama administration of the situation in Syria, has led to nearly 80,000 Christians left the city of Homs, the last of which was murdered. The Democratic administration is also supporting an insurgency from the country's Muslim population against Assad, who while himself being the perpetrator of a range of crimes is now threaten with replacement by an even worse regime.

Unfortunately, this trend is not limited to the middle East, as an estimated 200,000 Christians have already fled Mali, after an Islamic coup in the Asian country. In Europe, only half the Christian population remains in Bosnia, since the end of the The Bosnian War during the early 90s. The report states that, "while dozens of mosques were built in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, no building permissions [permits] were given for Christian churches." In Africa, thousands of Christians were attacked under accusations of "desecrating a Koran," and an estimated 50 churches were burned in Ethiopia.

Critics from across the political spectrum fear that this is a trend intensified by mismanagement by the administration and which is only increasing with the spread of Islamic populations around the world. ...

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has flooded America with Muslim immigrants. (Obama says that the increase in Muslim immigrants "is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.")

Posted by Hyscience at May 15, 2013 3:26 PM

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