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May 2013

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May 22, 2013

Hyscience on a (temporary) hiatus

May 18, 2013

Afghanistan: Pro-Sharia lawmakers block law criminalizing child marriage and banning prosecution of rape victims for adultery
Jimmy Fallon Spoof: 'Obama uses Buzzfeed list to distract from scandals'
Gallup Poll: Majority of American Say Benghazi, IRS Scandals are 'Serious Matters'

May 17, 2013

Must-Read Jerusalem Post Article: Obama and the 'official truth'
Caught! 'The IRS lied about existence of Tea Party documents to avoid FOIA request'
US Rep Kevin Brady ( TX-R) asks, "Is this still America"?: IRS Official Steven Miller Responds With "I Don't Think Targeting Is Wrong"
DHS Guidelines Advise Deferemce To Pro-Shariah Islamic Supremacists
Obamacare Tax Dollars Pouring Into Radical Leftist Organizations Like ACORN, MoveOn, LaRaza ...
Awesome Must-Watch Video: Rep. Mike Kelly Receives Standing Ovation at Ways & Means Hearing on IRS Scandal
Paul Ryan Nails IRS Commissioner During Hearing: He Admits Progressive Groups Were Not Targeted By IRS (Video)
Megyn Kelly Explodes At Liberal Guest Over Benghazi Talking Points: 'Come On! Can We Have Some Honesty?'
BREAKING: Federal Judge Upholds AZ Gov. Brewer's Order Denying Licenses to Illegal Aliens

May 16, 2013

Krauthammer Decimates Obama: 'President Obama Has Been Parsing Words In a Way That Makes Clinton Look Unsophisticated' (Video)
No, I Didn't Make This Sh*t Up: 'IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office'
Obama's Witness Protection Program lost two or more 'known or suspected terrorists
Marco Rubio: Obama needs to be honest about the culture of intimidation his administration has created (Video)
Obama IRS Refused Tax Exempt Status To Christians and Pro-Israel Groups But Ganted Nonprofit status to Muslim Organizations
Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood's New Ad Campaign: Kill Your Baby And Your Baby Will Thank You
Jon Stewart Continues Piling on Scandal-Plagued Obama: He's Either Nixon or Mr. Magoo (Videos)
Steven Hayes on what's in the Benghazi email release from the White House (Video)
Sen. Rand Paul: 'Paul: Clinton's Fingerprints All Over Benghazi Talking Points'
Jobless claims jump (just one part of a tragic trifecta)
Jeffrey Lord On the Unspoken Topic: The Liberal Union Behind the IRS

May 15, 2013

'Rice Knowingly Lied' - CIA Before Rice Went on Talk Shows: Attacks "Linked to Ansar al-Sharia," Al-Qaeda
IRS letters harassing conservatives came from 'DC and California', not Cincinnati
NBC Touts 'Defiant' Obama Dismissing Benghazi as 'Political Circus' While Fox Fact-Checks Obama's Misleading Claims
The IRS Raids 60 Million Personal Medical Records
Millions of Christians Forced Out of Muslim Countries
IRS held up conservative applications while approving liberal-progressive applications
Big Brother Now Controls Their Life: 'Couple Married For 36 Years Allowed Limited, Supervised Visits'
Hell Has Frozen Ove And Pigs Are Flyingr: 'French Support Spending Cuts'
White House Claims Republicans 'Doctored' or 'Fabricated' Benghazi Emails. ABC's Jonathan Karl Says They Didn't
More Chilling IRS News: IRS reportedly demanded list of high school and college students from conservative group
7 Muslims Caught Trespassing After Midnight At Quabbin Reservoir (Boston's drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs)

May 14, 2013

Harry Reid Apparently Fine With Cutting Infant Spines To End Life Provided It's Done In A Clean And Sterile Environment
It's Come To This!
Col. Allen West: The Duplicitous Hypocrisy: Don't Fight the Left with Fairness (Video)
[VIDEO] Carney: White House notified of IRS targeting tea party 'several weeks ago;' Obama: 'I found out Friday'
EPA waives fee requests for friendly groups, denies conservative groups
(Video) Jay Carney: Just Because IRS Apologized Doesn't Mean They Did Anything Wrong
More Obama-Inspired IRS Intimidation: St. Louis Reporter Claims IRS Harassment After Tough Obama Interview
Re: 'Watching Obamacare unravel'
WaPo Gives Barack Obama "4 Pinocchios" for His Claims that he called Benghazi an 'Act of Terrorism'
Re: '#Scandalpalooza: #Benghazi cover up, IRS targeting, HHS shake downs, AP records'
Re: 'A Tainted Campaign?'
Thomas Sowell on Lies About Libya
Fun Video: Jon Stewart Rips Government Over IRS and AP Secret Monitoring

May 13, 2013

Finally, Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty On 3 Counts Of First Degree Murder, 1 Count Of Involuntary Manslaughter
BREAKING: Saudi Arabian Arrested At Detroit Airport With Pressure Cooker
Barack Obama: "Benghazi talking points just a 'sideshow' - nothing more than GOP fundraising hook" ... "There's no there, there!"

May 12, 2013

IG report says IRS targeted groups that criticized the government
White House Celebrates Mother's Day Promoting HHS Abortion Mandate
Must-watch video: Judge Jeanine 'Fact Blasts' Hillary & Obama Administration on Benghazi Attack
Re: 'ABC, CBS and CNN top executives all have siblings or spouses working directly for Obama'

May 10, 2013

Awesome new web ad on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi: 'Why did she blame a video?'
CNN: 'Decision was made to drop reference to terror group from talking points at meeting in White House'
Breaking: US military units put on alert as security situation deteriorates in Libyan capital
Study: GUN CRIME HAS PLUNGED, but Americans think it's up
Video: NBC's Lisa Myers Says "Number Of Democrats" Calling Her To Attempt To Undermine Benghazi Whistleblower Greg Hicks
More Evidence of WH's Inappropriate Use of Power to Influence Election: 'IRS Targeted Conservative Groups During the Election'
Video: 3 Crystal Clear Reasons Benghazi Still Matters
BREAKING: (ABC News) Benghazi "Talking Points" Went Through 'TWELVE' Revisions

May 9, 2013

Awesome Poll: 'Overwhelming Majority of College Students Want Government ... Out of Their Lives'
A Quick Take On News Worth Hearing About (Video)
Note reportedly found inside Ariel Castro's home includes 'chilling' admission: "I am a sexual predator"
The Big, News-Breaking Benghazi Hearings ... And The Jaw-Dropping Facts
(Video) Democrat Strategist Kirsten Powers Blasts Liberals Who Defend Those Responsible For Benghazi Cover-Up
Benghazi -- what's new?

May 8, 2013

Women in Cleveland house of horrors were bound with ropes and chains
Must Watch: Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Restrictive Regulations on Religious Liberty
(Video) Lt Gen. Thomas McInerney: 'There Is Only One Person Who Can Say, Stand Down, and That's The President"
Obama Backing FBI Plan To "Wiretap" Your Facebook, Skype, Google, and Other Online Communications
Re: It was 3 am in Benghazi
Mark Sanford Whips Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch And Democrats' Flood Of Money In S.C. Special Election

May 7, 2013

Contrary to Claims by the WaPo and BuzzFeed ... The Heritage Foundation's new study 'does indeed account for increased revenues from amnestied immigrants'
'The Most Incorrigibly Political and America-Bashing President' ... in History
Must Watch Video: ICE Agent Suing Obama: 'Mr. President, You've Overstepped Your Boundaries'
The Thaw: Christian teens unite to fight back against anti-Christian bullies (Video)

May 6, 2013

Lindsey Graham: 'The Dam's about to Break on Benghazi'
3 Women Missing for 10 Years ... Found in Cleveland Home - Bus Driver Arrested (Video)
Heritage Foundation: Cost of Amnesty to U.S. Taxpayers: $6.3 Trillion
Driver: 'Pull over, pull over! - Describes horrific Bay Area limousine fire
Witness: 'Clinton sought end-run around counter-terrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack'
Whistleblower: 'US Special Forces were STOPPED from going to Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 prior to mortar attack'
Senator James Inhofe Claims Obama Is Disarming America By Drying Up Civilian Ammo Supply

May 4, 2013

The Highly Damning Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format
Re: 'Obama to Mexico: A lot of the guns here came from us'
Why I am No Longer a Conservative Republican

May 3, 2013

State Department Removed Pattern of Attacks From Benghazi Talking Points
No Surprise: Obama blames America for drug violence in Mexico
Illegal Border Crossings Triple Due to Amnesty Talk
Employment Rises in April - But ...
Harry Reid: More Funding Needed To Prevent Health Care Law From Becoming 'Train Wreck'
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Rips Media - Says Media Approved of Obama Because "He Said the Things They Expected a Black Man to Say"
Krauthammer: 'Obama: The Fall' - From the sequester to gun control to Syria, the administration has lost its "juice"
'Gang of Eight' Immigration Bill, Explained in One Infographic

May 2, 2013

Simply Incredible! Texas Officials Disqualify Winning Relay Team ... Because Runner Pointed to GOD!
Sequester? What Sequester? DOD signs contract for $59/gallon green jet fuel
Re: 'FBI says no connection between belated photo release and Benghazi media coverage'
Atlanta Falcons cornerback sees no need for people to announce sexuality, says: "I don't want to teach my kids those things" (Video)
Network TV Still Ignoring Abortionist/infanticidal Kermit Gosnell Trial
Shocker: Obama's State Dept. Was Forewarned by Militia Hired by State Dept. That It Wouldn't Protect Stevens' Movements in Benghazi!
Burqa Used as Crime Accessory: Woman Indicted for Kidnap, Rape of 5-Year-Old Girl
Is The Immigration Bill Obamacare All Over Again?
30 of the 31 FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Are Islamists

May 1, 2013

Dr. Kermit Gosnell Placed In Solitary Confinement
Obama's pick to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency IS A RACIST
American Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith May Face COURT MARTIAL From Pentagon (Updated)
Boston PD: 3 more arrested in Boston Marathon bombing (Updated)
Former Albright aide Says 'Obama flinched on Syria'
Re: Daily Mail: Saudis Warned Us Elder Tsarnaev Brother Wanted to Blow-Up American City (Updated)