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April 2013

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April 30, 2013

Bombshell shocker: Benghazi whistleblower says US has identified terrorist behind Benghazi 9/11 attack but refuses to capture him
Re: 'Tim Tebow Vs. Jason Collins media hypocrisy'
Super Awesome: Redskins QB Robert Griffin III blasts 'tyranny of political correctness'
Polls: Americans Fear Their Government More Than Terrorists
Re: 'Are there actually some good, honest people at the State Department?'
Obama Calls 'Gay' NBA Player After He Comes Out, But ... (Updated)
Obama to hold presser this morning (Updated)
Boston Herald: Taxpayers Paid Tsarnaev family $100,000 in benefits

April 29, 2013

Video: The Life of Julius: How Unions Hurt Workers
Obama administration blocking lawyers and Congress from getting truth out on Benghazi
The Media And the Abortion Industry Can't Cover It Up Any More - 'After birth Abortion IS INFANTICIDE'
Sounds Like the Press Is Feeding Us A "B*llSh*t Story" About The Boston Bombing
Boston marathon bombings: Is 'Misha' a red herring?
Walmart Worker Arrested For Turning Tricks In Store

April 28, 2013

'Tired Elk': Elk discovered with tire around its neck in Colorado
"Too Chunky" to be a Cheerleader?
One of the most important videos you'll ever see: 'Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctnes'
Shockingly Inhuman: Abortion Clinic Suggests "Flushing" Baby Down Toilet if Born Alive (Caught on Video)
Unfortunately damn well true of the Obama administration's views, attitutde, and sad as hell people like this are still in office

April 26, 2013

Laughable Moment: Obama Stands Alone, Somber And Heroic, For A Personal Private Moment of Silence For the Victims of Boston ... 'With Photographer'
Eric Holder claims pathway to citizenship for illegals 'is a civil rights issue'
Informant to CBS4 Reporter: "I am an informant and all I can tell you is that Talibans are walking freely right here in the soil of America right now, right now"
He Stopped Loving Her Today (Updated)
Obama hammers anti-abortion laws in Planned Parenthood speech while praising work of Planned Parenthood
Why does the DHS need 1,000 more rounds of ammo per person than the U.S. Army?
The Revolution Passed in the Night

April 25, 2013

Found on Facebook: Two Posters of Wisdom!
Why Did Barack Obama Purposefully Shutdown The Boston Bomber Suspect From Divulging Information Critical to Our National Security!
France: Muslim screaming "Allahu akbar" slashes rabbi's throat; Motive remainsw a mystery to authorities and media
Morning Bell: American Families Cannot Afford the Cost of Amnesty
If Beltway Elites Think Obamacare Is So Great ... Then Why Are They Trying To Exempt Themselves From It?
Religion in a London Black Cab

April 24, 2013

Federal Judge Sides With ICE Agents: Says Obama Admin. Can't Refuse to Deport Illegal Aliens
List of Obama's Green Energy Failures Continues to Grow: Fisker has now Become the Solyndra of the Electric Car Industry
Fox News poll: 69 Percent Want a Gun if a Terrorist is on the Run
Shocker (Clearly, Mother of Bombers Is An Islamist) Zubeidat Tsarnaeva Tells CNN: "I Don't Care if My Youngest Son Is Killed. I Don't Care If I Am Killed. I Will Say Allahu Akbar!" (Video)

April 23, 2013

Your tax dollars at work: 'Gov't Spending $152,500 for 'Voice Therapy' for Transgenders'
On Barack Obama's Symbiotic Relationship With the Abortion Industry
Congressional Panel Report on Beghazi: Hillary 'Not Truthful' In Claiming That She Was Unaware of Requests for Improved Security; White House Blamed Video In Order to Deflect Attention Away From State's Refusal to Provide Security
Politico: 'Immigration reform could be bonanza for Dems'
So, How Does Obama's Approval Rating Compare to Bush's Today?
NewsBusters: Politico Ignores Dzhokhar's Pro-Obama Tweets, Reports No Obvious 'Political Outlook' of Tsarnaevs

April 22, 2013

FBI, DHS Warned About Boston Terrorist SIX MONTHS Ago -- And Did Nothing
Re: 'The 11 Most Mystifying (and Stupidest) Things the Tsarnaev Brothers Did'
Via the AP: U.S. Officials Say Preliminary Evidence Confirms Boston Bombers Were Motivated by Radical Islam ... Just As Russia Warned Us
As though Obama couldn't find a more ridiculous way to throw away taxpayer money ...
Memo to clueless Obama: The war on terror is NOT over (Updated)
Obama Administration will not try Boston jihad murderer as enemy combatant
Study: Low-Dose Aspirin Stymies Proliferation of Two Breast Cancer Lines
Deportation order of Saudi national questioned after Boston bombing rescinded
Russia asked FBI Just Six Months Ago to Investigate Boston Bomber After His Trip to Dagestan
Shocker For Liberals: Heaviliy Armed Boston Bombers Didn't Have Gun Permits

April 20, 2013

Wackiest Conspiracy Story of the Day? 'The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap' (Updated)

April 19, 2013

Slain Boston bomber had Muslim convert wife and 3-year-old daughter but had 'dedicated' his life to Jihad
Hah, looks like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is an Obama supporter
Boston Bomber's Dad: 'If They Kill My Second Child All Hell Would Break Loose'
Walid Shoebat on the jihadist influences of Muslim Boston bombers
Boston Bombers Muslim Brothers from Russia, Near Chechnya. One Lived in Turkey
Student's Friend Says GIF Of Bombing Suspect #2 Looks Like Missing Brown University Student Sunil Tripathi (Updated - Suspect #2 dead) (Updated - Correct name ID'd))

April 18, 2013

Multiple Confirmation of Deportation of Saudi National 'Initial Person of Interest' in Boston Bombing (Video)
Today's Must-Read: 'Why Barack Obama Snubbed Royal Invite to Baroness Thatcher's Funeral'
Loony Janet Napolitano asked about Saudi being deported: "Not worthy of answer" (Video)
Re: 'Boston Suspects Identified..And The Saudi Connection They're Not Telling You About'
Report: Researchers Identify and Block Protein That Interferes With Appetite-Suppressing Hormone
During Hearing, South Carolina GOP Rep. Totally Eviscerates Claims That Voter ID Laws Are Racist (Video)
Authorities now circulating photos of two men spotted carrying bags near site of Boston bombings
West, TX Explosion Scanner Audio ... 'A Bomb Went Off'
Pictures at Boston

April 17, 2013

Oops ... The Ricin Terrorist Is A Democrat
Express UK: Obama "ineffectual, invisible, the weakest president in history"
Source: Man In Picture Of Boston Bombing Suspect Not Being Shown To Public Is Of Arab Descent (Updated)
Whatever the Reason, There's No Excuse for Media Ignoring the Kermit Gosnell Baby Slaughtering Murder Trial
AP: Suspect arrested in Boston bombing case ... and 'to appear shortly in federal court'
Breaking: 'Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Identified' (Update - Suspect ARRESTED!)
An Attorney/Mother/Feminist Tells Why She's Against The Title IX and for the Violence Against Women Act (And Why You Should Be Too)
Rand Paul On Border Security And Immigration Reform (Video)
Good News: Looks Like Manchin - Toomey Gun Compromise Bill Headed for Defeat
A 'Rude Display' of A**hole Cops Ignoring The Law And Arresting A War Hero For "Rudely Displaying A Firearm"

April 16, 2013

Obama bypassed Congress to give Palestinians dancing in the streets of Gaza over Boston Marathon bombing $500 million in U.S. taxpayer aid
Obama's response to Boston reminiscint of Benghazi promise (And we all know where that went)
Obama administration Slashed budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45 per cent
No Obama Officials Will Attend Lady Thatcher's Funeral
Gang of Eight's Immigration Reform Proposal Will Make Obamacare Costs Soar Astronomically
Kirsten Powers Rips Into the Mainstream Media Over Their Gosnell Cover-up
Time For Democrats to Ban Pressure Cookers

April 15, 2013

Eric Holder's wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist
Report: Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital (Updated)
U.S. Retired Admiral Asks: 'Are We Being Compromised by Barack Obama's Murky Past?'
Five cable news hosts actually covered the Gosnell case
Duval County, Florida Fourth Graders Compelled to Denounce Constitution
Was Obama's Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia University? (Updated)
A Muslim Convert to Christianity Reconciles With His Fundamentalist Islamic Parents (Video)
The One Disastrous Number You Need to Know in Obama's Budget

April 12, 2013

Tonight CNN on AC360 will cover Gosnell's 'House of Horrors'
So, How Interested Are The Media In Abortion Doc Kermit Gosnell's Multiple Murder Trial?
Bill Whittle on how we're guaranteeing war with N. Korea (Video)
Re: 'Man Gets 7 Years for Stealing Obama's Teleprompter'
'If You're For the Right to Self Defense via the 2nd Amendment, You're Also Racist'
Obama gives 4 more F-16 fighter jets to his Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood buddies
Obama ignores Gosnell horrors with media's aid: Pesky babies didn't 'just come out limp and dead'

April 11, 2013

Barack Obama's Budget Increases Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
Charles Krauthammer on the Media's Total Embargo on the Story of Kermit Gosnell's Infanticide
Incredibly, WH budget director has no clue as to how much Obama's budget increases the deficit
The Daily Caller Gets It Right: That 90% 'Catch Rate' of Illegal Alien Crossers Is '90% Bull'
5 Key Things You Need to Know About the Obama Budget
Re: 'Feds Spend Our Money Promoting Homosexuality Abroad'

April 10, 2013

Man Arrested For Driving 90 mph With His Genitals Hanging Out Window And Playing With Himself
OMB: Barack Obama Will Become First President to Spend $4T in One Year
On Obama's 'Lying Problem' about Firearms
Obama's "Sequestration Celebration" was Taxpayer Funded
A Coffee Bean Extract That Help Control Blood Sugar?

April 9, 2013

School in Conneticut Teaching Students 'Americans Don't Have Right to Bear Arms'
Scientists Say Chemical In Red Meat Damages Heart
'Wealth Redistribution' - Obama's War on Growth
Survey Finds Law Enforcement United Against Gun Control
Political-Correctness Against Common Sense And Biology: CA Proposes Law to Force Insurance to Cover Homosexual 'Infertility'

April 8, 2013

Convicted Terrorist/Obama BFF Bill Ayers Confirms What Obama Has Long Denied
Joe Biden Calls for a 'New World Order' (Video) (Bumped and Updated)
The Shocking Truth About Pamela Geller

April 6, 2013

(Incredibly Outlandish) MSNBC Promo Says 'Your Children Are Not Your Children -- They Belong To The Community"
Study: Low Magnesium Levels Found To Be Best Predictor Of Heart Disease

April 5, 2013

Video: Mike Huckabee: ''Obama/Hitler Comparisons 'The Truth'"
Video: 'Bill Moyers is a Hairball'
So, Why Did the drunk and naked Australian cross the croc infested river? (images are work and family friendly)
Our 'Sexist-In-Chief'
Now the AP Stylebook Revises Definition of 'Islamist'
Even Members of Obama's Economics Thinks This Morning's Jobs Report Really Sucks! (Video)
'Laughable' Jobs Report 'Lower Than Expected
Illegal Alien Gunned Down Mother Who Wouldn't Let Him Date Her Young Daughter

April 4, 2013

Must See Bill Whittle Video: Discussion On Immigration At Virtual Town Hall Meeting
24/7 Campaigner-in-Chief Obama Falsely Claims Newtown Shooter Gunned Down 20 Children With 'Fully Automatic Weapon'
Colion Noir Decimates 'American Elites' over their 'opportunistic propaganda' on gun violence
(Video) Grandmother holds intruder at gunpoint until police arrive
Obama's non-recovery recovery still on track for no recovery
Mark Levin Fumes After Obama Admits He Feels 'Constrained' By The Constitution
Well Worth Posting
(Video) Colorado Cops Unhappy With Being Used As 'Props' For Obama's Gun-Control Visit

April 3, 2013

A Democrat's Incredible Cluelessness On Banning High Capacity Magazines
Video: 15-Year Old Girl Decimates Gun Control Arguments
WaPo; 'Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit'
Sequester? What Sequester? Good Times still Rolling For the Royalty at the White House
Are Communists in the Thick of the Immigration "Reform" Movement?
Re: 'AP: Obama An Appeaser On Iran?'
Jay Leno: AP Replaces 'Illegal Immigrant' With 'Undocumented Democrat'

April 2, 2013

'Sequestration Scare-Story Implosion'
'Orwellian' AP drops use of the term "illegal immigrant"
Re: 'The Economist Breaks with the Climate Orthodoxy'
Columbia University hires convicted terrorist as prestigious adjunct professor
"Delicious Irony": Barack Obama Trying to Teach Kids About "Budget Responsibility"
The Horrifying Chart That Should Be Forward to Every Democrat Voter You Know

April 1, 2013

The Obamas, like royalty, love and live the high life
Beware: 'UN Arms Trade Treaty Calls for Disarmament of Persons 55 and Older'
"Islam's flag will be raised above the White House" (Video)
Son shoots father in church, screaming, "This is the will of Allah" - media goes into coverup mode
Presidential Priorities Made Clear