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March 2013

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March 29, 2013

On The Death of the Family
War! What Is It Good For?
Teen Who Allegedly Shot Georgia Baby Indicted In 2nd Shooting
Re: 'Sasha and Malia Obama 'Learn What They Live' (Updated)
Re: 'A Final Comment on Gay "Marriage"'
Good Friday, Friday of the Passion of Christ

March 28, 2013

Zonation vs, Touré
'What The Founders Believed About Homosexuality'
Michelle Malkin on Fox: 'Why does the constitutional duty to secure the border have to be tied with amnesty?'
Video shows Egyptian youth telling how they were tortured and beaten in a Mosque by the Muslim Brotherhood
More Government Waste: $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex
Holy Thursday
8 Facts You May Not Have Known About Salt
Report: Little hope seen for millions priced out of Obama's health overhaul
Initial Jobless Claims Jump By 16,000

March 27, 2013

Re: Male African-American unemployment is over 50 percent among dropouts
3801 Lancaster (Must-See Video)
Re: Same Sex Marriage and Gilligan's Island Game Theory
Study: Social Isolation Tied To Shorter Lifespan
CNN Reports On Obama's High Speed Rail Boondoggle (Video)

March 26, 2013

CBO: 'America Will Never Achieve Full Employment Under Barack Obama'
Study: Obamacare To Raise Claims Cost 32 Percent
Awesome Video: David Garibaldi Depicts Christ in His Agony On The Cross
Voter ID Now Law in Virginia
(Video) White House Lackey: It's "Small" to Question VP Joe Biden's $585,000 One-Night Paris Extravaganza
Massachusetts Public Charter School Puts on Blasphemous Pro-Homosexual Anti-Christian Play
Mortimer Zuckerman in WSJ Opinion: 'The Great Recession Has Been Followed by the Grand Illusion'
Chuck Norris on Holy Week and Holy War (Part 1)

March 25, 2013

Greg Gutfeld Totally Destroys Canadian Jim Carrey's "Cold Dead Hand" Video
Re: 'Re: The Maliki Slapdown'
Tyranny Alert: Obama Ignores Nullification And Tenth Amendment, Says Federal Agents Will Enforce Obamacare
Sasha, Malia Obama Vacationing At Bahamas' 'Atlantis' Resort
Incredibly Outlandish: Florida Atlantic University Files Charges Against Student Who Refused To 'Stomp On Jesus' (Updated)
CBS Finally Apologizies To Vets For Their Pro-Communist, Anti-American Episode Of 'The Amazing Race'
Re: Cyprus Reaches Deal

March 23, 2013

Saturday Must-Reads

March 22, 2013

DHS has quietly given up on measuring border security
Rasmussen: Majority of Voters Want Border Secure Before Amnesty Discussion
Is America a Republic or an Empire?
Obama administration stonewalling on big ammunition and arms buildup ? (Updated)
Florida Atlantic University student suspended from class for refusing to stomp on 'Jesus' (Updated)

March 21, 2013

Pew: Obama Job Approval Down 8 Points Since December
(Video) Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens: 'Obama Trying to 'Mend the Fences That He Really Broke in the First Four Years'
(Video) 'Illegal immigration is to immigration what shoplifting is to shopping'
Top Ten Reasons Why Barack Obama is Not Satan

March 20, 2013

Taxpayer Funded California Welfare Vacations
Infuriating Video of the Day: Illegal Immigrants Make Commercial 'Dreaming' of Free Healthcare
Bowl bought at yard sale for $3, sells for $2.2M
Study: People With Mental Illness Make Up Large Share of U.S Smokers
Latest Insanity From Obama's TSA: Wounded Wheelchair-bound Marine Humiliated And Forced To Remove Prosthetic Legs, But Saudi Arabian Wahhabis To Be Allowed To Bypass Normal Airport Security
Rasmussen: 71% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Allowing Voter Registration
'$50,000 in debt to every household'
Obama's State Department Skipped Pastor Saeed Abedini Hearing but Obama Admininistration Offered "Unflagging Support" for Arabic Speaking American Hikers Living in Damascus
Obama the 'Deceiver-in-Chief'

March 19, 2013

Most Disgusting, Aggravating, Story of the Day: TSA Forces Wounded Marine to Remove Prosthetic Legs
Mexican, U.S. Media Too Scared To Cover Border Crime
Obama Administration Funding Education Aid For Pakistan, While Its Pentagon Is Cutting Tuition Assistance For American Troops
Truth Too Hot For American TV
Chemical Weapons Being Used In Syria? (Updated)
Undeterred By Record Of Failure, Obama Pledges to Waste Still More Money On Electric Cars And Biofuels

March 18, 2013

Re: 'Obama's Middle East Map Erases Israeli Territory'
Obama Touts Fuel-Saving Plan at Battery Plant That Is Yet To Produce A Single Battery
Hillary Clinton's Evolution/Flip-Flop on Gay Marriage (Video)
Dr. Ben Carson's four-point plan for destroying America
Chris Wallace to Dick Durbin (D-IL): 'If $9T in debt was"unpatriotic," how can $16T in debt be '"ustainable”?
Despite Warmists' claims of gloom and doom ... 'no statistically significant increase in the world's average temperature since January 1997'
(Video) Former Marine saves woman's life ... thanks to Wisconsin's new concealed carry law
Re: 'Obama falsely claims credit for America's energy boom'

March 15, 2013

Obama regime to Benghazi injured survivors: 'Keep your mouths shut' (Video)
A Slow Motion Revolution Gathers Speed
A new, more substantive, more factual, cable news network?
Out of hospital, alive, itching to get back to blogging