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February 5, 2013

Harbingers of Tyranny in Obama's 'Amerika'



Some really scary stuff that should concern every American, regardless of their political persuasion. Not even George Orwell could have imagined as much:

1. The Department of Homeland Security recently acquired 2 billion rounds of ammunition, which represents thousands of rounds per DHS employee.

2. Newly released drone records have revealed extensive military flights inside the U.S.; police departments and federal agencies plan to have as many as 30,000 drones monitoring Americans within the next seven years.

3. When Can the U.S. Kill Americans? The White House Won't Say -- and Won't Even Tell Congress; President Obama's successful efforts to renew and strengthen The Patriot Act under the NDAA means, according to the ACLU, American citizens may be subject to "indefinite military detention without charge or trial ... for the first time in American history."

4. The FBI director said in March he'd have to check whether the president can assassinate citizens inside the U.S.. When questioned by Congress regarding a speech by Attorney General Holder, who offered his "legal justification for assassination", FBI Director Mueller was unable to say whether the president could unilaterally decide to assassinate U.S. citizens inside the borders of this country.

6. The military recently deployed gunships over Miami, executing training exercises with local police departments. A few days later, similar exercises were conducted in Houston. Last year the military deployed ground forces, armored personnel carriers and tanks on the streets of St. Louis for "training exercises". Military exercises in domestic urban environments of this scale are "unprecedented".

All this and much more at Doug Ross Journal ... in the context of Barack Obama's push to disarm American citizens and his promise to create "a 'powerful' civilian national security force ... should scare the hell out of American citizens that are not willing to sit around in a drunken stupor on Obama Kool-Aid, unwilling to hear the alarm bells and refusing to speak out.

Posted by Hyscience at February 5, 2013 7:40 AM

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