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February 2013

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February 21, 2013

Sombody Up There Likes Me

February 12, 2013

Hyscience on a (temporary) hiatus

February 6, 2013

Communist Party Endorses Chuck Hagel
Socialist Jan Schakowsky (D-IL): Republicans Are "Taking Food Out of the Mouths of Babies" (Video)
Gallop: U.S. Job Creation Index Dips to 11-Month Low in January
Re: 'Lean Forward: Rev. Al Sharpton drops 'God' from Pledge of Allegiance
Yet More Unexpected Obamacare Consequences

February 5, 2013

Rep. John Conyers at Immigration Hearing: 'I Hope Nobody Uses the Term Illegal Immigrants Here Today'
Re: 'Another Obama Speech Writer to Depart for Hollywood'
Re: 'New Encryption App Set to Revolutionize Privacy'
Harbingers of Tyranny in Obama's 'Amerika'

February 4, 2013

Special Forces Chief: Everything Done in Mnrxist Insurgency Are Being Done in Obama's America Today(Video)
Best Ad of the Night
Newtown dad: 'You'll have to take my guns from my cold dead hands' (Video)
NYT Reports on Obama's Dismal Economy

February 1, 2013

Gao, Mali Residents Celebrate Exit of Islamic Terrorists (Video)
IRS: 'Cheapest' Obamacare plan to cost a family $20,000 per year
Obamanomics Update: 157,000 Jobs Added In January, Unemployment Rate 'Rises' to 7.9%
Boston Herald: Economy and jobs shrinking, debt soaring, but from Obama it's all about gun control, same-sex marriage, women in combat and illegal immigration
Pew poll: Majority of Americans see Washington as threat to their "personal rights and freedoms"
An Obama Supporter Auditions On American Idol
Bill Whittle: What Difference Does It Make? (Video)