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January 30, 2013

Shame On Marco Rubio! "Shamnesty" By Any Other Name Is Just As Foul

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I apologize. These are harsh words. But these are harsh times, even if I am a Cuban immigrant myself.

I thought that had Romney chosen Cuban-American Marco Rubio for VP instead of "Throw Grandma off the Cliff" fiscal conservative Paul Ryan, that perhaps Romney would have split Obama's "Latino" vote, alienated less people, and possibly won the election; upon which our future, the identity of this nation, and indeed the fate of the world, hangs. I was wrong....just like those who so blindly supported Romney in the primaries, against better judgement!

If I may digress at this point, I would like to point out, that in my humble opinion, "Silver-Spoon-in-the Mouth" Romney, "assumed" (even as "Rhino" McCain did back in 2008) that by being polite and nice he would pass for presidential material.

While Obama brought "...a gun to a Chicago knife fight", Romney only brought his "comb" to keep his spotless hair well groomed (second only to John Edward's, in political circles).

You know how the old saying goes... By "assuming", Romney not only made an ass of himself and those who so blindly supported him, but with the re-election of Obama, has ultimately made asses of us all!!! After the first disatrous four years of Obama's failed presidency, Joe the Plumber could have won that election! It's just ludicrous!

But, back to the "Shamnesty"- now proposed by Rubio and other Obama-groveling so called conservative Republicans now submitting to the political "Obama Male Alpha" destroyer of this nation for their very political survival. It turns out that Marco Rubio, like the rest of the spineless "Rhinos" such as McCain, and Lindsey Graham before him (talk about Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, and his "Father Before Him") is more interested in his political survival in an "Obama World" and the "Democrat's Plantation", than on the Constitutional precepts of our Founding Fathers, and or the conservative values the he so hypocritically touted to his voters!

To paraphrase Shakespeare, "Shamnesty by any other name, is still amnesty and smells as foul"!

This is but a shameless amnesty of the law-breaking illegal aliens - mainly from failed 'Drug Lord' run Mexico - that are ethnographically overrunning our country like a virus, making copies of themselves, changing the very fabric of our once proud and prosperous nation, and turning it into a tawdry "Third World" hell-hole reminiscent of their failed country! Have you visited California lately? I have.

May as well surrender to Mexico and have Mexico annex us....which at any rate seems inevitable in the end!

Reagan already tried it, failing to secure the border, and it did not work. Millions more illegal aliens have kept pouring over our borders like vermin...along with Islamist terrorists, thugs, drugs,"Mexican Drug Cartels", and the Salvadoran M-13 Gangs now infesting our cities! Not to mention diseases such as tuberculosis and the West Nile Virus. All of it has eventually resulted in the subsequent financial collapse of many of our local cities, municipalities, and states, as this uncouth tsunami of humanity overwhelms our public and social services with their sheer numbers!

A retired couple on a fixed income, cannot possibly compete to pay the rent that twenty illegal Mexican aliens sharing the expense for the same one-bedroom apartment in overcrowded, unsanitary, and unhygienic conditions, are willing to pay for!

You cannot compete for jobs even at minimum wages, when Mexican illegal aliens are all but too willing to do it for less, and subserviently!

How will our National Identity and Pride survive, when while American "white" women abort their children and our numbers dwindle, these Mexican illegal alien women, living off our WIC, Food Stamps, and welfare for single mothers, are pregnant and pushing a baby carriage with two toddlers inside, and two more snotty, unkempt, American-born brats hanging by their side??? It is sheer nationhood suicide!

Do you really think that giving the Che Guevara T-shirt wearing illegal sons-of-bitches marching down our streets and flaunting their illegality with impunity in our faces Marco Rubio's "Shamnesty", is going to be any different than when well-intentioned Reagan gave them amnesty the first time around???

If anything, those illegal aliens Reagan helped legalize, and their scions, are the ones who have helped re-elect Obama, destroy our nation, and make the world a much less safer place!

Wait until more come...!

Posted by Althor at January 30, 2013 12:48 PM

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