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January 14, 2013

Rush Limbaugh, on Obama's payroll tax increase on the "Middle Class"


Rush explains the payroll tax increase that Obama passed into law that is taking quite a bit of money from the paychecks of the so-called 'Middle Class' to fund Social Security (Video).

From The Washington Times we learn that what's so interesting about all the middle class outrage over the "tax increase" ... is this:

Not only the so-called "low information voters" but also the college educated masses who voted for President Obama in November as if they were voting for "American Idol" -- all seem somehow to lack even a clue that their socialist hero would raise taxes on everyone and continue to raise them. Listening to the mindless blather of rock stars, movie stars, and "personalities," not to mention the state-run media, they figured only bad things would happen to the rich.

Ironically, the so-called payroll tax cut was actually an idiotic idea to begin with. Entitlements -- particularly the big kahunas, Social Security and Medicare -- are already disappearing into the twin black holes of debt and demographics. Cutting this particular tax for two years only put more of a burden on these already chronically underfunded "entitlements." It would have made more sense to cut something else.

That said, never expect anything intelligent to come out of this government. Taxes have allegedly gone up for the rich who will, of course, happily go on evading the tax increases just imposed since none of the (legal) loopholes they customarily use to avoid said tax increases have effectively been touched -- something the Republicans wanted but the Democrats and the President refused to discuss.

So now we get shock and outrage. We warned voters of the consequences of Election 2012 last fall. But we'd have to conclude that a significant majority of voters of all ages now get their political and economic news from MSNBC and Comedy Central rather than from us. We'd like to think these voters will reconsider their news choices now. But alas, we're pretty confident that they won't. No hugging, no learning. The Seinfeld Nation soldiers on.

Posted by Hyscience at January 14, 2013 4:08 PM

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