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January 10, 2013

French Gays Rebel Against French Socialist Party's Attempt to Impose Gay Marriage


A popular rebellion by French gays against the French socialist party's attempt to impose gay marriage is emerging. Culturally and intellectually speaking, one of the most extraordinary developments is the emergence of gay voices against gay marriage. For example, here's Phillippe Arino, who argues gay marriage is "homophobic."

"Another reason that I think this is homophobic is this: This law encourages homosexual couples to think they can copy and fit in the way heterosexual couples do. It makes them think they have to follow the example of man, woman, and child, without respecting sexual difference. It denies respect to homosexual couples in reality, with regards to their specificity and who they really are. Gay couples do not exist so that they can be procreative; one doesn't recognize that (if one turns these into marriages). Even if you present this to gay couples like it's a gift, it's still denying who they really are."

As for 'equality of rights'?

"It's not a question of equality. Equality isn't inherently positive. There are bad/wrong equalities. We call that conformism, uniformity. A lack of recognition to the realities of people. The gay activists who treat equality as sacred do not differentiate between equal rights and the equality of identity. Equality of the law, and equality of self-respect or dignity."

Good points, all. Never thought I'd be seeing so much common sense from a Frenchman.

Hat tip - Maggie Gallagher

Posted by Hyscience at January 10, 2013 12:38 PM

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