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January 28, 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Gives Military Power to Arrest Civilians


Cementing the Muslim Brotherhood in power and moving to break all resistance to its Sharia tyranny, one giant step at a time - "Egypt army granted right to arrest civilians," Bikya News, January 28 (Hat tip Robert Spcncer):

CAIRO: The Egyptian government gave the armed forces the authority to arrest civilians on Monday, local media have reported a source from the cabinet as saying.

It comes as violence continues on Cairo's Nile River corniche between police and protesters near Tahrir Square.

The move to grant the military the ability to arrest civilians is not likely to go over well with activists, especially after thousands of Egyptians were tried in military courts following the removal of Hosni Mubarak from power in February 2012 and the military rule of the country that lasted until President Mohamed Morsi was sworn into power in June last year.

The latest violence follows the announcement of a state of emergency by President Mohamed Morsi in all Suez Canal cities for 30 days after days of violence has left over 45 people dead in Port Said, Suez and Ismaileya. ...

[...] The revolutionary powers said that the Egyptian people now know without doubt that they are ruled by a new gang; the Muslim Brotherhood group that seeks power over the entire country and uses all possible methods to break up the opposition, including murder....

More here.

Needless to say, the Muslim Brotherhood is the BFF of the man we here in the U.S. just gave four more years in office:

Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Ties
Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood
In Syria, America Allies with the Muslim Brotherhood (bacls Islamists, shuns secularists)
U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt, despite Morsi's harsh rhetoric

And by the time Barack Hussein's out of office, there's not going to be much left, if anything, of the Middle East that isn't under the Muslim Brotherhood's tyrannical control.

Posted by Hyscience at January 28, 2013 12:13 PM

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