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January 4, 2013

Chicago Murders Continue to Skyrocket, Business Owner Shot in the Back and Killed


Chicago, a city with some of the toughest gun control measures in the country, ended 2012 with 513 homicides, a 15 percent increase from 448 homicides in 2011, and with just four days into 2013, it's already clear that murders in the Windy City are going to continue to skyrocket. The latest horrific murder in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's city was of a business owner and family man who ran from his attackers. He was shot in the back and killed.

A revered Chicago muffler shop owner became the city’s fifth homicide of 2013, but not before calling his son to let him know he was shot, reported.

"They shot me in the back," Michael Kozel, 57, the owner Independent Muffler Shop in the city's Southwest Side, told his adult son. Those were his last words he said.

The son, who wished to remain anonymous, said he raced to his dad's shop, only to find Kozel in the back of an ambulance. Kozel was pronounced dead shortly after 9 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

Investigators say two men pretending to be customers walked into the shop Wednesday at about 5:25 p.m. The men attempted to rob Kozel and one of his employees. One of the robbers shot Kozel in the back, as he was trying to get to safety.

Kozel's son said his father was a very generous person. He said if you didn't have money to pay for the work on your car, he was the kind of person that would just work out some kind of deal for you, because he understood that's how people were.

"My dad would fix the car and say, ‘I'll see you in a month.' What shop does that in Chicago these days?" his son said.

Kozel and his wife were married for more than three decades.

"He had a lot of plans to travel -- wherever my mom wanted to go," the son said. "As long as it was with my mom, and it made her happy."

This latest murder comes as the Illinois legislature is pushing for even more unhelpful, totally useless (Gun control laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law-abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available), gun control measures that are certain to only create more defenseless victims for violent criminals to prey on.

Illinois Senate Democrats advanced legislation late Wednesday to restrict semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, pressing forward with new gun control measures in the waning days of the session over the objections of firearms groups.

Amid the developments, the Illinois State Rifle Association issued an "urgent alert" to its members warning them that Democratic legislators were trying to push through last-minute anti-gun legislation.

"There would be no exemptions and no grandfathering," the group stated in its alert. "You would have a very short window to turn in your guns to the state police and avoid prosecution."

A Senate committee approved two bills, one dealing with the weapons and the other with magazines. Democratic supporters could face a tough sell in the full Senate.

One measure would ban the possession, delivery, sale and transfer of semiautomatic handguns and rifles. People who currently own such weapons could keep them but would have to register them. The bill would allow semiautomatic weapons to be used at shooting ranges, but those facilities would be regulated.

Bottom line, Democrats just don't get it ... and they never will. Guns don't kill people, mentally-disturbed people and criminals kill people, and truth be known ... less guns results in more violence. More regulation results in less safety.

H/t - Katie Pavlich

Posted by Hyscience at January 4, 2013 9:01 AM

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