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December 7, 2012

Nancy Pelosi's Archbishop Leads in Calling Catholics to Pray, Fast, Abstain for Cause of Saving Liberty

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In a statement featuring newly installed Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone--who leads the San Francisco Archdiocese where House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi lives--the U.S. Catholic bishops announced on Thursday that they are calling on Catholics to pray the rosary every day and to fast and to abstain from eating meat on Fridays as part of a pastoral campaign aimed at preserving religious liberty, the right to life and the institution of marriage in the United States of America.

"The well-being of society requires that life, marriage, and religious liberty are promoted and protected," the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said on a special webpage produced for the campaign. "Serious threats to each of these goods, however, have raised unprecedented challenges to the Church and to the nation." ...

[...] The bishops especially pointed to what they called "two immediate flashpoints": attacks on the free exercise of religion and the institution of marriage.

"First is the HHS mandate, which requires almost all employers, including Catholic employers, to pay for employees' contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs regardless of conscientious objections," they said. "This is a clear affront to America's first freedom, religious liberty, as well as to the inherent dignity of every human person."

"Second," the bishops said, "current trends in both government and culture are moving toward redefining marriage as the union of any two persons, ignoring marriage's fundamental meaning and purpose as the universal institution that unites a man and a woman with each other and with the children born from their union. These challenges call for increased awareness and formation, as well as spiritual stamina and fortitude among the faithful, so that we may all be effective and joyful witnesses of faith, hope and charity." ...

Read the whole thing here (video).

As Archbishop Cordileone goes on to say in his statement, "Life, marriage, and religious liberty are not only foundational to Catholic social teaching but also fundamental to the good of society." It's worth pointing out that what Nancy Pelosi's Archbishop, along with all other Catholic bishops, calling for awareness of the "gifts of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty" ... essentially everything Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a Catholic, and her fellow liberal-progressive Democrats are solidly against.

Posted by Hyscience at December 7, 2012 7:27 AM

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