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December 21, 2012

Hello! Are We Still Here? - Update On The End Of The World And The Mayan Fiasco

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So much sensationalism has been accorded this Mayan prophecy of doom related to the end of the 13th Baktun of the long count Mayan calendar that many believed predicted the end of the world today!

For the last few weeks, the History Channel has devoted most of its programming uninterruptedly, Ad Nauseam, to the Mayan prophecy, the End World predictions of Nostradamus, and to the Apocalypse, in lieu of today. Now that December 21st, 2012, the day in question, has come and gone, nothing happened, and there is no longer a point to airing those programs, I am sure the History Channel will have a huge discounted sale on all of those no longer relevant, voluminous, DVDs, trying to get rid of them, for good. Hah!

I can see how in this multiculturalist world of ours, with so many divergent beliefs and superstitions, that some people would be alarmed by the Mayan predictions, being that they were great astronomers and precise mathematicians. But that Christians and Jews would have taken this devilish, heathen, augury seriously, is laughable and verging on the sinful - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, abhors divination!

As I pointed in my earlier post, when asked about the End Times Jesus himself, in the Gospel According to Mark, told his followers when asked about when the End Times would come, that not the Angels in Heaven, nor even He, the Son, knew the day or the hour, but that only the Father knows. And you mean to tell me some ancient savages, heathen seers, devil-worshipping Maya butchers; that offered so many human sacrifices, ripped with obsidian knives so many still beating hearts from the chest of their victims which they smeared on the walls of their temples - giving the white limestone the pinkish hue it has to this day; whose temples the Spaniards remarked "smelled of blood, offal, and rotten flesh, worse than all the slaughterhouses of Seville in the heat of the summer", presumed to know - no matter how great their astronomical knowledge or how precise their mathematics - what the Father, God, Himself only knows???

The Maya may have been great astronomers and mathematicians, and their calculations may have been quite precise, but the variable they did not take into consideration, especially given the bestial demonic gods they worshiped, is that even as that eminent Jew, Albert Einstein, so aptly observed, God does not play dice with the Universe! Only He knows the hour and the day...

Well, as I also pointed out on my earlier post, I gues that tomorrow, even as Hemingway would put it: "The Sun Also Rises"! So much for Mayan prophecies...I am sure 'La Raza' must be enraged - "No Se Puede". LOL!

Posted by Althor at December 21, 2012 11:41 PM

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