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December 22, 2012

Cow Flatulence One Of The Causes Of Global Warming - Will Obama's EPA Get Involved?

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The world as we knew it changed on November 6th, when after 40 years of white racial guilt, and Marxist socialist brainwashing in our schools and universities, the American electorate re-elected the one true "Manchurian Candidate", Obama, to an unprecedented second term, after one of the most disastrous Administrations in our nation's history. Go figure!

Forget about Mayan doomsdays that never came to fruition. Turns out that now that is over, the greatest threat to our planet is, of all things, cows!

Welcome to "Obamaland" (a suburb of Kenya now), where for years the environmentalist "Greenies" Obama and his loons kowtow to - pun intended - are in an uproar about the greenhouse gases emitted by cows and the effects of cow belching and flatulence on, you guessed it, "Global Warming"!

According to the L.A. Times, in an article from a few years back, that sums up the absurd concerns of the Greenies:

"[Cow flatulence] It's a silent but deadly source of greenhouse gases that contributes more to global warming than the entire world transportation sector..."

The L.A. Times goes on to observe with alarm:

"Most of the national debate about global warming centers on carbon dioxide, the world's most abundant greenhouse gas, and its major sources -- fossil fuels. Seldom mentioned is that cows and other ruminants, such as sheep and goats, are walking gas factories that take in fodder and put out methane and nitrous oxide, two greenhouse gases that are far more efficient at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Methane, with 21 times the warming potential of CO2, comes from both ends of a cow, but mostly the front. Frat boys have nothing on bovines, as it's estimated that a single cow can belch out anywhere from 25 to 130 gallons of methane a day."


"A report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization identified livestock as one of the two or three top contributors to the world's most serious environmental problems..."


"All told, livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide, according to the U.N. -- more than all the planes, trains and automobiles on the planet. And it's going to get a lot worse."

So, can we expect the intrusive Obama EPA to get involved, designate cows as a major source of pollution, and regulate cow flatulence now??? Most likely. Watch meat prices soar...

Funny thing is, if cow belching and flatulence are one of the most egregious contributors to Global Warming, does that mean that the belching and the flatulence of the millions of Mexican illegal aliens now in our nation - I mean, eating all those bean burritos, and drinking all that cheap Tecate beer - also makes them offending contributors to Global Warming? Forget about ICE! Perhaps it should be the EPA the one that should be rounding them up and deporting them for being a flatulent threat to our environment! Who would have thought that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was inadvertently an environmentalist, helping ease pollution by rounding up Mexican illegal aliens and deporting them? Now we know where all that Los Angeles smog is coming from...Hah! Unbelievable.

Perhaps if the EPA started deporting Mexican illegal aliens, and Al Gore would stop spewing so much "hot air" about climate change, that would help alleviate Global Warming (not to mention the smog in Los Angeles), and we wouldn't have to worry so much about the damn cows... Heh!

Posted by Althor at December 22, 2012 3:44 PM

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