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December 2012

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December 28, 2012

Obama Administration Gives Muslim Brotherhood Member Security Clearance
Re: 'How Obama's Policies Led to Benghazigate'
(Obama-Arab Spring Update) Egyptian Cleric Threatens Egypt's Copts with Genocide: "The day Egyptians ... feel you are against them, you will be wiped off the face of the Earth"
Merry Christmas and a Happy NewAmerica

December 27, 2012

Rick Santelli on the Fed, Obama, and Congress: "They don't have a clue!"
Piers Morgan: "It's time for an 'Amendment to the Bible'
'A sobering survey of British children's Christmas wishes'
Gallop: Record number of Americans oppose handgun ban
(Video) WaPo's Charles Krauthammer : Obama Admin Illegally "Enacting Legislation On Its Own Through Regulation" Shows "Arrogance"

December 26, 2012

Obama Claus Update: Just 90 More Days Left To Collect Your $50,000 Reparations Check
The Real Reason Liberals Want To Hike Taxes On The Rich ...
A new fast and easy way to reveal extent of multiple sclerosis

December 24, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas to all
Re: '2012 Lie of the Year: Government is affordable'
Mormon Senator Arrested for Drunk Driving
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Christmas Greeting 2012 (Video)
MSNBC host who mocked NRA for armed guards idea sends his own kids to school ... with armed guards
Christianity 'close to extinction' in Middle East because of Muslim persecution ignored by media and politicians for fear of 'racism' charges

December 23, 2012

Remember When Bill Clinton Pledged Funds to Add Police to Schools?
Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans ?
America's 'President First Person Singular'

December 22, 2012

Cow Flatulence One Of The Causes Of Global Warming - Will Obama's EPA Get Involved?

December 21, 2012

Hello! Are We Still Here? - Update On The End Of The World And The Mayan Fiasco
UPS Driver Steals iPad Mini And Gets Caught (Video)
U.S. Marine Vet Jon Hammar to be released from Mexican prison today
December 21st, 2012 - It's The End Of The World!

December 20, 2012

Unedited Video Of Lansing Michigan Protest Proves Conservative Assaulted by Michigan Union Member
Barack Obama's 'Let Me Be Clear': More Times Than You Ever Wanted to Hear It (Video)

The Bottom-line Single Reason Why We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff
Fox's Bill O'Reilly Threatens US Boycott of Mexico If Jailed US Marine Not Released By Christmas (Video)
Disgustingly Disgraceful Obama Invokes Sandy Hook Massacre to Pressure Republicans to Go Along with His Tax Hikes
Facts That Gun-Control Advocates Choose To Ignore

December 19, 2012

Gallup: To Stop Shootings, Americans Say Focus on Police, Mental Health
Speaker Boehner: "Mr. President, It's Plan B or You Will Be Responsible For the Largest Tax Hike In History"
Group of Mexican business owners band together to free jailed Marine
Obama to tap Biden to lead push to curb gun violence

December 18, 2012

Team Obama still raising money -- now it's off Sandy Hook shootings
US Marine Wrongfully Imprisoned in Mexico Needs Our Help (Video)
Obama rejects Boehner 'Plan B' that even Pelosi backed
Texas School District Has An Answer To Sandy Hook Violence

December 17, 2012

Mark Levin Notices Obama failed to mention Fort Hood as a massacre at Sandy Hook vigil ... and tells why!
Obama Quotes Bible in Sandy Hook Speech: Completely Misses Irony
(Hilarious Video) Judge Judy Lays Bare The Thought Process Of An Obama Voter
Newtown Residents and Police on Adam Lanza: Awkward Guy Who 'Flew In Under The Radar' (Video)

December 14, 2012

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
'Sandy' Relief Bill Includes $150 Million for Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, New England
Game-Changer: Even IPCC Now Admits Man-Made Global Warming A Bunch Of Crap
AP reporting 18 of 27 dead in Newtown school shooting are children (Entire class unaccounted for)
The Absolute Worst Holiday Video -- Evah!!
Re: 'WaPo editors: Golly, Obama's fiscal-cliff approach is unbalanced'
Bill Whittle: The Obama admin isn't incompetent ... they seek to 'destroy' this country and they are succeeding (Must-see Video)

December 13, 2012

Ex-Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan 'chained to a bed' in a Mexican prison as Obama, Hillary, and the Obama media remain silent
What Really Sank Susan Rice Wasn't Just Benghazi And It Wasn't Just The Right
Obligatory "Susan Rice Withdraws From Consideration To Be Secretary Of State" Post
(Video) Boehner: Obama still not serious about cutting spending
Obamacare Forcing Insurance Rates Up! Up! Up!
From America's Taxpayers To Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: 'Merry Christmas'
So, why is the Obama administration hiding the survivors of the Benghazi Massacre?
Bill Ayers: Leftist's Radical Socialist Power is in Schools
Lee Habeeb's "Letter To A Christian Nation"
Obama's Budget Deficit Hits New Record For November
Re: 'Do We Do We Really Have to Condemn the Union Protesters(sic) Who Called Clinton Tarver A F*cking N*gger?'
Now That They Found Out What's in ObamaCare (after Voting For It), They Don't Like It

December 12, 2012

Re: 'Young Mother Killed for Suggesting That Mooching Punks Get Jobs'
ABC, CBS, NBC Are 'Censoring Footgage' of Union Thug Violence in Lansing
Molotov Mitchell's Top 10 Facts Proving 2012 Election was Rigged for Obama Win
Americans Wising Up To The Fact That ObamaCare Will Cost More Than They Were Told
The GOP Needs To Listen To Rand Paul
Coulter and Hannity on Michigan Union Thuggery and Violence

December 11, 2012

US District Court Rules Obama's HHS Mandate Doesn't Protect Religious Liberty
Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence Continuues Post-Election Fade
Obama Worshiper Jamie Foxx Ecstatic About "Killing All White People" in His New Movie
101 New Employees ... Per Day

December 10, 2012

Gmail is Down
Graph Shows Green Energy Implosion
Democrat Erskine Bowles: "We Have to Cut Spending In order to Put out Fiscal House in Order"
(Video) Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Blasts Hillary For Benghazi Cover-up
Re: 'A Nation of Takers Hurtles Toward the Fiscal Abyss'
Rasmussen: 76 % of America Thinks Christmas Should Be About Christ
'Food Stamp President' Update
(Video) Bill Whittle: 'Unserious People' Like Obama And Senate Democrats Are Taking America To Monumental Economic Collapse

December 7, 2012

Obamanomics Update: Deficit already at $292 billion for fiscal 2013
Pearl Harbor Day ... It's All About Obama
About That Drop In Unemployment Rate (welcome to the fantasy world of BLS statistics)
Nancy Pelosi's Archbishop Leads in Calling Catholics to Pray, Fast, Abstain for Cause of Saving Liberty
Former NAACP Chapter President C.L. Bryant: 'No Reason For Blacks To Vote For Obama Except Race!'
Happy Days Are Here Again

December 6, 2012

More Liberal-Progressivism Run-Amuck: Senior's Christmas Tree Banned As 'Religious Symbol'
On Politicizing The Benghazi Intelligence
Disgusting Rich Liberal Ed Asner Asks Hannity Producer "Can I Piss on You?"
IBD: U.S. Can't Avoid The Entitlement Cliff By Raising Taxes
Unemployment Claims Drop To 370K, Even As Unadjusted Claims Soar By 140K In One Week

December 5, 2012

More Nanny State Run-Amuck
Re: 'White House Opens Its Doors to MSNBC Hosts'
Now Obama Says Republicans' revenue math doesn't work, but ...
Mark Steyn: Obama aims to finish the work of FDR and LBJ to create 'a big Sweden' (Video)
Meet Peggy and JoAnn
Re: 'Majority of Mexican Immigrants, Legal or Otherwise, Are on Welfare'
Obama Planting the Seeds of His Own Demise?

December 4, 2012

'He has Israel's back!'
Dean on Boehner's counteroffer
Ageism in UK hospitals 'leaves elderly heart attack and breast cancer victims to die'
Obama's State Department Spent Millions for Embassy Art, Mosque Renovations, And Environmental Awareness ... But Had No Money for Benghazi Security
Polls show that the nation that re-elected Barack Obama wants more spending cuts than tax hikes, and still hates Obamacare
CNN's David Gergan: 'Democrats would rather humiliate GOP than solve fiscal cliff'
Dear Leader fully engaged on our cratering economy
Re: Conservatives removed from financial committees by GOP House leadership

December 3, 2012

Media Purposefully Blind To Democratic Campaign's Finance Hypocrisy
As Americans face a fiscal cliff, the Obamas make do with 54 Christmas trees in the White House ... while they go to Hawaii and cost taxpayers millions
White House Data Debunk Obama Myth That Bush Tax Cuts Built Deficit
'Sustainable Development': The Frightening Dangers of Agenda 21 - explained
Muslim Bombs Arizona Social Security Office With IED, Media Blacks Out Story
Seven Black Teenagers Attack 1 White Teenager And Beat Him Senseless (Video)