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November 13, 2012

Video: Bill Whittle On Our Nation Of Cannibals

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The Democratic message of "Let the government take care of you" has won out over the Republican message of free enterprise, self-reliance and individual initiative, Barack Obama has been reelected, the nanny state now has the green light to race full speed ahead toward insolvency and ripping up the Constitution, free enterprise is headed toward extinction, ObamaCare - the first step towards massive tax increases, socialized health care, and a citizenry more dependent on the federal government than ever, is now likely to remain unchanged.

However, although the foreseeable future of our great country may seem grim, hear why Bill thinks patriots must continue to fight the good fight for the duration.

I wish I could be so optimistic, however the realist in me screams 'we are so, so, screwed ... and election 2012 was America's last chance to stop the nanny state and the end of America as our Founders intended it.'

The fact that the fools that voted for Obama or that sat out the election instead of voting for Romney will have to suffer the fate of living through the fruits of their actions is no consolation. There will be no recovery for America from the damage to our Republic caused by another four years of what can best be described as "an interventionist, corporatist, statist, Big Government progressive, free-market-hating control freak who favors economic policies of a Marxist-Leninist flavor."

Posted by Hyscience at November 13, 2012 9:11 AM

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