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November 15, 2012

The Biggest Reason Obama Won?


Ross Kaminsky suggests that Mitt Romney lost because the Republican Party couldn't overcome how it is defined -- but there are bigger reasons still. And chief among them:

[I]t is hard enough for voters to admit that they made a mistake voting for any particular politician. It was, and was always going to be, nigh on impossible to get enough voters to admit, even if only to themselves, that they made a mistake in voting for the first black president. Not, to be clear, because he is black, but because he is simply terrible, a failure by any American standard though perhaps a success from the point of view of Mahmoud Abbas and Vladimir Putin.

... with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, human nature is such that it would have been a Herculean task, one certainly beyond the polite and only-modestly-inspiring Mitt Romney to pull off, to cause enough 2008 Obama voters to switch to allow a Republican victory.

Turning voters against Obama was roughly the equivalent task to converting the average American to another religion. Perhaps Mitt Romney, given the Mormon propensity for evangelization, recognizes better than most what the success rate of such an undertaking is, as well as how unappreciated, or even reviled (such as by Jews like me), the effort can be. If you think about that scenario in a political sense, perhaps the election result seems more comprehensible; for me, this thought somewhat diminishes my disdain and disgust for those voters who would re-elect such a remarkably incapable leader, a man whose presidential behavior was the equivalent of his many "present" votes in the Illinois State Senate.

If my explanation is valid, and even more than the issues of perception of the Republican Party discussed earlier, the Obama re-election is not an indictment of conservatism, not a mandate for big government, and less an indictment of the GOP or Mitt Romney than MSNBC talking heads would have you believe.

Instead -- and not downplaying the tremendous damage I expect the Obama administration to inflict on the nation over the next four years -- it represents the foreseeable decision of many Americans, despite the pervasive evidence of Barack Obama's incompetence and failure, to avoid the emotionally difficult admission to admit, even if only to themselves, that their 2008 "historic" vote was an historic mistake.

Having read the Six Reasons Mitt Romney lost and the Seven Reasons Why Romney Lost, Kaminsky's bottom-line reason stands out as the one issue the GOP had little chance of overcoming. Naive, under-informed, clueless people make naive, under-informed, clueless decisions ... and given the fact that "the media was in Obama's pocket to an unprecedented degree this year ... so much so that they weren't just biased, they were engaged in political activism" ... there was little chance of the GOP getting its message out even if it had a clear vision to communicate - which it didn't.

Posted by Hyscience at November 15, 2012 8:09 AM

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