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November 26, 2012

Iran Rapidly Rearming Hamas


Surely to no one's surprise, given that not only should one not trust terrorists in the first place ... Muslims, when they are weak, see a ten year truce as a springboard to gain advantage over their enemy in accordance with Islamic law ... the Jerusalem Post reports that satellites show Iran is moving quickly to rearm Hamas:

Israeli intelligence satellites have spied the loading of rockets and other material in Iran believed to be destined for the Gaza Strip, the UK-based Sunday Times reported, citing Israeli officials.

According to the report, Iran began preparing the weapons shipment around the same time Israel and Hamas negotiated a cease-fire late last week.

The shipment is said to include Iranianmade [sic] Fajr-5 medium-range rockets, the same model that was fired toward Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during Operation Pillar of Defense, the Sunday Times reported.

Last month, following an air attack on a weapons plant near Khartoum, the Defense Ministry's director of policy and political-military affairs accused Sudan of acting as a transit point for weapons shipments to Gaza. Amos Gilad accused Khartoum of aiding and abetting terrorism, and said the Sudanese regime was "supported by Iran" and was used as a route to transfer weapons to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip via Egypt....

The official added that Tehran would act to re-arm Hamas and other Gaza groups quickly, as it sees them as a necessary part of its response to a possible Israeli attack against Iran.

Meanwhile, the Gaza smuggling tunnels, one of the Israeli government's biggest grievances, are already back in business.

Simply put, the cease-fire accomplishes absolutely nothing for Israel, it only allows Hamas to rearm and regroup, and prepare for Iran's war with Israel.

No wonder 70% of Israelis opposed the cease-fire. And don't forget, as Aaron Goldstein points out, the Obama Administration and most of the international community didn't give a damn when Hamas began lobbing rockets into Israel in late October. Only when Israel began to defend itself did the Obama Administration and the international community have anything to say about the matter. Only when Israel began to defend itself was the Obama Administration interested in "de-escalating" the situation. And as for Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood's role in the cease-fire agreement, it's nothing more than a ruse:

[...] Last week, Egypt's Prime Minister was in Gaza to show solidarity with Hamas' actions. This week, they brokered the ceasefire. While Egypt is officially at peace with Israel for the moment, let us remember that the Muslim Brotherhood runs the show and Hamas, for all intents and purposes, is the Palestinian affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. So the Egyptian government is willing to broker a ceasefire not because it wants a genuine peace with Israel but because it wants to give Hamas an opportunity to regroup, relock and reload. As such I cannot stand the Obama Administration's effusive praise of Egypt for brokering the ceasefire. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants Israel's destruction every bit as much as Hamas and all the sugarcoating by the Obama Administration isn't going to stop their aspirations.

Sooner or later, Hamas will fire a rocket into Israel. When that happens the Obama Administration and the rest of the international community will not make a sound.

Again, it bears repeating, the cease-fire is only a ruse designed by Iran, Syria, and Egypt in preparation for another attack. The truce gives Hamas and Hezbollah the opportunity to reorganize for another fight against Israel. The next fight is a certainty, and it will be more deadly. For Hamas and other militant groups, the ceasefire agreement with Israel was their Hudna (a Hudna is entered into only because the Muslim side feels it is too weak to conduct open warfare, and would benefit from a respite), and thousands of Israeli citizens are going to pay for it with their lives (after a Hudna is been undertaken, then the Islamist side is then not merely allowed, but required, whenever it feels strong enough, to re-engage in open hostilities).

This is not going to end well for Israel ... nor the United States.

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Posted by Hyscience at November 26, 2012 9:04 AM

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