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November 14, 2012

Email From An Obamanist Commenter (Updated)


Via an email to Hyscience admin from frequent leftist commenter and Obamanist 'Horowitz' (real name withheld to protect his privacy):

There are 2 glaring reasons why Willard lost. 3 if you simply count the fact that he has the appeal of roadkill. Blogs such as yours, indeed people like you, are the reason for your defeat. You have no idea of the nations changing demographic and refuse to forsake your extremist views. You would rather be hoist on your own petard, and you accomplished your mission. So you tell me which party is clueless. Almost the entirety of the South is a political chancre. Don't you realize that there can be a balance between conservative fiscal policy and a progressive social policy. You may not like it but that's the way it is. Gays, blacks, Latinos, Asians, women, people like me, are facts of life. We aren't going anywhere. Your refusal to understand this was your downfall.

We may be clueless, but WE WON! You are not representative of the nation.

Offered without response ... other than to say we just want it on the record.

Unfortunately, likely sooner rather than later, we shall all find out who the real 'extremists' and 'clueless' are among us, whose values and views are right for our nation's economic, cultural, and societal health, and what reelecting a leftist government led by a far-left ideologue for another four years does to our nation's prosperity, its freedoms and liberties, its economy, and its global standing.

As for the comment about "realizing that there can be a balance between conservative fiscal policy and a progressive social policy" ... given liberal progressives' own 'extremism' and focus on touchy-feely issues instead of focusing on balancing the nation's budget, reducing its debt, increasing employment, protecting our Constitutional liberties, and recognizing the serious global threat of Islamists ... that dog 'ain't gonna hunt'!

Update: 'Horowitz' responded to this post by sending another email ... this time with a link to a post at S.F. Gate titled "Twilight of the old white guys" (Horowitz appears to really, really, hate Conservatives, traditional values and traditions, and like most liberals, mistakenly believe that liberals are the only ones that have anything to offer Latinos, gays, blacks, immigrants, females, et al ):

This is not a blog. It is sent in response to your, "no comment" statement that you went on to comment about. Deal with progressive social issues like immigration, women's reproductive rights and all the rest of them or you will not win another election.
As for Horowitz' latest email, let's see what matters most to the "Latinos, gays, blacks, immigrants, females, et al" discussed at Horowitz' link after they see what 4 more years of liberal-progressivism, Barack Obama, and Keynesianism do to our to our nation's economy and employment, our prosperity and standard of living, our freedoms and liberties, our national security, and our global standing.

In the meantime, as America races toward becoming the new Greece ...

Posted by Hyscience at November 14, 2012 1:36 PM

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