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October 1, 2012

George Weigel On Campaign 2012 And The Future of Marriage

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George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., provides some basic facts along with common-sense words of wisdom for conscientious voters to keep in mind ... along with the Democratic Party platform’s endorsement of gay marriage ... on Nov. 6:

[...] Gay marriage is opposed to the divine order built into creation and to the Gospel: for gay marriage, by its very nature, cannot be a fruitful one-flesh union, and gay marriage, which by definition involves grave sin, cannot be an image of Christ's spousal love for the Church. Thus Catholics who support gay marriage are deeply confused about both Word and Sacrament, the twin pillars of Catholic life.

In public policy terms, the Catholic critique of gay marriage reflects the Catholic idea of the just state. Rightly understood, marriage is one of those social institutions that exist "prior" to the state: prior in terms of time (marriage existed before the state), and prior in terms of the deep truths embedded in the human condition. A just state thus recognizes the givenness of marriage and seeks to protect and nurture this basic social institution.

By contrast, a state that asserts the authority to redefine marriage has stepped beyond the boundaries of its competence. And if that boundary-crossing is set in constitutional or legal concrete, it opens up a Pandora's box of undesirable results. For if the state can decree that two men or two women can make a marriage, why not one man and two women? Two women and two men? These are not paranoid fantasies; the case for polyandry and polygamy is now being mounted in prestigious law journals.

And if the state can define marriage by diktat, why not other basic human relationships, like the parent-child relationship, the doctor-patient relationship, the lawyer-client relationship, or the priest-penitent relationship? There is no principled reason why not. Thus gay marriage is another expression of that soft totalitarianism that Benedict XVI aptly calls the "dictatorship of relativism"

Read the whole piece ... then keep it in mind, along with Barack Obama's ideology and many failures, on November 6.

Posted by Richard at October 1, 2012 7:06 AM

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